Sunday, February 26, 2017

PUPPY TALES: Celebrate Good Times

Saturdays are perfect for lazy mornings, and pajama days, and photography. An afternoon nap is the pièce de resistance. This particular Saturday gave us several reasons to be happy.

We enjoyed a visit from Chuck's folks this morning. They wanted to meet the puppies. Who wouldn't? They are so stinking cute! Once they settled down from their initial frenzy of joy, they played quietly with their toys while we visited in the living room. 

Chuck had a photo shoot at the house in the afternoon with one of our favorite models. I played photographer's assistant and dog handler today. I did manage to shoot a few shots of my tulips with my macro lens. 

This may seem like a ridiculous thing to mention, but Bristol successfully managed to jump up on the couch unassisted today. My big galoot's first attempt had him running across the carpet, and as he leapt, he got about two inches of air and plowed his head into the side of the sofa. He has tried unsuccessfully to jump up to his spot on the sofa, until today; today Bristol was the champ. 

After supper, Chuck and I were sitting side by side on the kitchen floor playing with the puppies, when all of a sudden, it hit me.

"Chuck, did anyone pee inside today?" I could hardly contain my excitement. 

"Well, I did. I didn't think you wanted me to go outside."

Oh, my heck! We did it. They did it. However I should say that; we finally had ONE day without puppy puddles in the house! We have had Bristol and Sam for two weeks, and this is our first day without an accident. YAHOO!

After the puppies were asleep, and I was sure they'd made it, I went ahead and recorded their accomplishment.

Yeah, that's a smiling reflection. 
There's always something to celebrate, and for us, no canines peed inside today; only humans. Woo-hoo. Sunday afternoon, we humans will celebrate by going to the movies to see A Dog's Purpose. Good times. Sometimes it's the little things that make the biggest difference. 

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