Tuesday, February 21, 2017

PUPPY TALES: Dog-tired

Some days, I find myself falling asleep before noon. I take little cat naps when sleep overtakes me, so it's not a big deal, but I just hadn't realized how tired I would be with the addition of puppy care to my routine. While I am not tired of the puppies, I am dog-tired these days. 

Last night I fell asleep on the couch with Bristol after supper while Chuck edited photos.

The puppies and I spend the day together while Chuck's at work. We're outside; we're inside. They have crate time; they have free time in the kitchen. Puppies are in my lap, or at my side during free time. We're walking; we're training. 

"Sit. Stay. Come."

I've gone from being a couch potato MOST of the day, to having a couple of windows of opportunity to get housework, writing, and correspondence done, in between all of the doggy detail.

Crate time is when I take care of me: yoga, writing, reading, and yes, NAPPING.

During the afternoon of the malfunctioning crate door fiasco, I was sitting on the couch while the puppies were in their crate, and I texted Chuck how tired I was, and it wasn't even noon.

The puppies have adapted to my schedule for sleeping pretty well; in bed by 8 and up at 4. They play and nap in their crate until their 5:00 breakfast. So, I'm getting a decent night's sleep since we stopped with the ridiculous suggestion of potty breaks every 1 1/2 hours throughout the night. 

I think I'm just tired from the demands of having little ones at home all day. I feel like I did when my children were babies; slightly overwhelmed, really tired, and in need of adult conversation. I'm surviving these days with a pretty solid schedule, a decent amount of patience, and a pretty good sense of humor. Before Chuck leaves for work, and when he gets home are highlights of my day. When my husband is home, everything seems so much more calm. He is sweet to both of the puppies, but I know he relishes his one-on-one time with Sami, just like I do with Bristol.

Sami is finally settling down for cuddles and lap time. 

Sam and Bristol are not going to be puppies forever. As much as I look forward to the future I've envisioned with them, I'm trying hard to live in the moment, and just enjoy this puppy stage as long as it lasts. In the meantime, I'll rely on power naps to get me through these dog-tired days.

Whenever I sit on the floor, Bristol climbs onto my lap. I wonder how long he'll fit.

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