Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Addicted to Mugs

How many coffee cups does a kitchen need? A lot, apparently!!!

I may have a mug problem. No cute coffee cup is safe from purchase when I'm out to make a score. I'm a regular at T. J. Maxx, always looking for my next hit. 

Why so many mugs? They are irresistible to me. I don't do much entertaining, and Chuck doesn't drink coffee, or even hot cocoa. Unless he starts drinking blue Powerade Zero from a coffee cup, I have enough mugs to last me a full week, at BOTH our houses.

It all started a couple years ago when I was setting up housekeeping in the Cozy Little Cottage in Joseph. I told my daughter to be on the lookout for a cheerful orange coffee mug, something that would lift my spirits each morning as I started my day. Each time either of us went shopping, we perused the mug selection to find just the perfect one; I, in Utah, and she, in Colorado.

Then ONE day, in T.J. Maxx, I found the perfect cup for me. It was my favorite color, orange. A simple saying was stamped on the side: "think happy. be happy." This was the holy grail of coffee cups. I was so excited; I sent Sierra a message from the store, letting her know the search was over. 

She shot back a picture message, of the identical cup, with the question, "Does it look like THIS?" She had found the same mug, in Denver, and was planning to send me a little care package, complete with an orange phone case she had bought for me. She was disappointed I'd ruined her surprise. 

"Honey, that's PERFECT! Now I'll have a matching set of cups. THANK YOU!" 

Fast forward two years later: I have two homes, and two kitchens to stock, and I am so thankful that I have my favorite mug at both houses. 

But it didn't stop there. It turns out that innocent little cup was actually a gateway mug to a growing addiction.

Over the months that followed, I was drawn to T.J. Maxx like a junkie to a dealer. My collection has grown as I have developed a weakness for bright colors and cute phrases. At least they're not expensive. At $2.99 a hit, this is one addiction I can afford to feed. 

Recently, Chuck and I were in the housewares section of T.J. Maxx. I buy my "good enough" coffee there, the occasional piece of cookware or specialty utensil, bedding, and home decor items that "speak to me." And of course, coffee cups. As we were heading to the checkout, Chuck held my hand a little tighter, and quickened his step. He was in a hurry, and I wasn't sure why. I craned my neck, and pulled back a little, and saw the reason for his actions. He was whisking me past the display of coffee mugs.

"You'll thank me later," he said with a wry smile. "When we get ready to move, and it's time to box up the coffee cups, you will be glad we didn't buy any more mugs." 

He has a point. There may come a time when I will reach the same conclusion he has; I have more than enough coffee cups. One day, but not quite yet. 

Have you ever considered if you are compulsive about your favorite thing, whatever it is? Maybe it's books. Magazines. Figurines. Yarn. Craft supplies. Techie gadgets. Camera equipment. (I threw those last two in for Chuck. Just teasing, Honey.)

They say the first step is admitting we have a problem.  I wonder if there is a support group for people like us...


  1. Other Denise loves mugs too!

    1. Of course, you do! How far do our similarities go? Middle name Ann here, and you? ;-)

  2. So I typed in my Google search if it was possible to be a mug addict and your post came up, I have the same problem (maybe not a problem since its not hurting anyone 😀) but I can't see a cute mug and pass it by, its pretty darn serious that is have brand new mugs still in boxes that is probably never ever use, but I got it cause it was cute. I'm trying to stop myself, but i cant help it, I need serious help and I'm glad I'm not the only one going through the same thing.


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