Monday, May 16, 2016

Hacked and Highjacked

One advantage of having older kids is they know how to use devices like iPads, cell phones, and computers. It's helpful when I'm busy driving or cooking to have them respond to my messages for me. One disadvantage of having older kids is they know how to use those same devices to wreak havoc when you're not looking. 

Sierra and Bridger have found a new pastime: highjacking my phone's text messages and my Facebook account. Sometimes I even give them permission to do so. I know; my bad. Those times are all on me.

As I was driving Bridger into town one afternoon, his sister started texting me. I told him to let her know where we were ,and what we were doing. Here is how that little conversation went down.

MY PHONE: We are going to Boo's doctor appointment at 4.

Sierra: Okay, I need to go to the gym at some point. Should I go now or around 7?

MY PHONE: I'm with the favorite child right now, so you can go now rather than later.

Sierra: Really funny, BRIDGER.

MY PHONE: Bridger? This is Mama Llama.

Sierra: Not that other text.

It's all in good fun. Lots of my friends seem to have running gags with their kids posting on their Facebook pages. I don't know how I've lived this long and not had one of the kids do that to me. Until just recently, that is. 

Computer security is pretty lax at our house. I leave my computer on, my account open, and never bother logging out of programs. I'd never had any issues. Until February 21, 2016. (Date stamps allow for this level of specificity.)

When Chuck noticed the strange post below in his newsfeed, his and Sierra's conversation reminded me of an old Barney episode, sounding like a whacky version of "Who Stole the Cookies from the Cookie Jar?"

It looked like I had posted some random comments about cheese:

"Cheese. Cheese. The magical dairy. Tooth fairy! Go!"

Sierra strikes again.

Some confusing banter ensues:

Karin: I love cheese!! Any kind.

Denise (ME): Chuck, I have been hacked. Sierra is a naughty girl.

Sierra: Who, me?

Chuck: Couldn't be.

Sierra: I don't even like cookies.

Chuck: Then who?

Denise (ME): This thread has been highjacked.

When I fly from Illinois to Utah, I like to bring my iPad so I can use it during my flights, and I use it when I don't have access to Bridger's laptop (which I have never hacked into OR highjacked, by the way). 

One night, I was typing on B's laptop, and Sierra asked if she could use my iPad. I didn't give it a second thought. After awhile I started getting notifications from Facebook that there had been activity on one of "my" posts. Perhaps I should think things through more carefully should the situation arise in the future.

My Facebook post late that night was:

"I love hanging out with my favorite child Sierra Leigh Waters. Who needs sons when you have her?"

Niiice, Sierra. Really nice.

Roslynn: Hah!

Ashley: Somebody's gonna be in trouble...

Denise (ME): I only post things like this when I loan out my iPad. 

Ashley: And send out messages about cheese?

There is never a dull moment at our house; in Illinois OR Utah. Chuck and my kids keep me laughing. 

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