Saturday, April 12, 2014

Our House Becomes a Home

Our house has a long way to go to become the Happy Little Cottage of my dreams, but we are off to a great start. In a couple of weeks, there will be a gable added to the front entry, a new sidewalk and stoop, siding, a new kitchen window, and a fresh coat of red paint on our beautiful door that was a gift. 

I wasn't going to post pictures of it because it has such a dreary looking exterior. My son mentioned last night that he has never seen such a stark contrast between the exterior and the interior of a house. The outside is kind of depressing, and the NOT! It's true, for now, but will not be for long!

Here it is, in its humble state. Envision what it CAN be; that's what I do every single time I think about it. It is my dream, and my dream is slowly coming true.

After our contractors had finished the inside of the house, Bridger and I drove over for a sneak peek. When we walked in, we were both in awe. It was lovely. Fresh paint and new flooring can do that to a little old house. Every surface was CLEAN. 

Bridger laid down on his clean bedroom floor. "Mom, it's ten times better than when we used to live here, and it's a thousand times better than a couple of weeks ago!" We both smiled.

We have had volunteers crawling out of the woodwork to help. I couldn't have done it without everyone's help. My friends in Marysvale, Pam and Clem, took their enclosed trailer full of my STUFF to the house more than once! Old friends and new in Joseph have made us feel so welcome, helping us get settled. 
Braxton and Bridger tackled the heavy stuff for me!

Last night while I was putting things away, I saw a familiar sight outside: two young men in white shirts and ties were coming up the walk. I was grateful I'd cleared most of the boxes from the living room. 

After the introductions, they asked me how long I'd been living here. I looked at my wrist, and asked, "What time is it?" I told them I had just moved back after being gone for four years. They generously asked if there were anything they could do to help.

"Seriously? If you're serious, you can help us unload the last trailer full of furniture tomorrow."

More angels coming from unexpected places. So today, in exchange for some lunch, those two handsome, young men are going to help Bridger move the rest of our things. Before they left, I asked if they could give the house a blessing. It just felt right to do that on our first night there.

After Elder Smith and Elder Larsen left, Bridger and I had our first sit-down meal celebrated of peanut butter sandwiches and milk. We left the dishes by the sink; we're still waiting for a faucet (the current one has a tendency to provide geyser activity like Old Faithful if we forget to use more than a trickle of water). While I emptied boxes of books and framed family photographs, Bridger serenaded me with his new ukelele. "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" by Iz is his latest song to learn. 

"I've missed this place, Shrink," Bridger told me last night. I have, too. There is a coziness and peace in that home that we both enjoy. 

Today Dylan and Jamie will join us to help with the faucet, thank goodness, and the washer and dryer. There are still pictures to be hung, and plenty to be put away, but everything is falling into place, just like everyone has told me it would. 
My "Happier" color ORANGE figures prominently, as you can see!

I'm happy. I'm so, so happy. While I miss Marysvale already, I know that I have come back home, and that's the best feeling in the world. 
I love this painting of Marley that Jackie did for me.


  1. Hey Denise, I am glad you have met Elders Larsen and Smith. They are so upbeat and wonderful young men! They stop by our house regularly since Eric is still Bishop here. I love talking with them - great sense of humor and all! When you feel comfortable, I'd like to come see. You sound really upbeat and happy with this move and I hope it works for your ultimate best! Love Ya!

  2. It's beautiful! I see window boxes overflowing with flowers in front...and I want that bedding.

    1. Ooh, Deb. Window boxes sound lovely. I have no idea how to make that happen, but what a great idea! ;-)


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