Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

Our house went from Cozy Cottage to Happy Home in just a short time yesterday afternoon. We had been texting Sierra, who shared pictures from Colorado of her darling Great Dane puppy. Bridger was playing "Home" by Jack Johnson on his guitar. The orange cake I had whipped up was sending out a delicious aroma from the oven. We were expecting friends for Easter egg decorating. As soon as they arrived, I knew what the house had been missing: giggles and laughter!

Directions are on the box to achieve a variety of complementary colors.
Simply combine 1/2 cup boiling water, 1 teaspoon
of vinegar, and the number of drops of dye to a small cup.
The longer the eggs soak in the solution, the more vibrant the color.

When Bridger went to pick up the girls, I colored my eggs, wishing to leave the kitchen to the kids for the evening. Saturating eggs with color is one of my favorite traditions at Easter. I learned that technique from my stepdad when I was a teenager. That man had the patience of Job, and would wait until all eight of us kids were done coloring our eggs to begin to color his. He would let his eggs soak "forever" to get the deep colors he desired. I always thought his eggs were the prettiest, but I never wanted to wait that long when I was younger. Now, I love to wait; it is worth the end result.

Bridger and his friends spent several hours in the kitchen, visiting and teasing while dying Easter eggs, frosting a cake, and then enjoying their dessert.  Listening to their easy laughter made my heart feel light. It was just what we needed to make our house a home.

Bridger doesn't know it yet, but the Easter bunny came last night. It makes me happy to know how little things like this make him break into his cheerful grin. 

The Easter bunny didn't come to our house for a couple of years when Bridger had to choose between clothes for spring and a basket of candy. I know his child's heart is wistful about traditions, and this Easter morning, he will once again have to seek out his basket to find his surprise. Our house is small; it won't take long to find his hidden basket, but that's not the point. It is a tradition from our childhoods. I love our Easter traditions: coloring eggs, egg hunts, and Easter baskets. 

Our traditions are part of who we are. I am grateful for the memories they evoke, and for the reassurances they give us when we honor them, and keep them in our hearts and homes. 

Happy Easter, everyone! Enjoy this day of worship and celebration with your family and friends.

P.S. The house is small, but it took him awhile to find his basket. Surprising this man-child was the best part of my morning!

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