Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Advice for the Bride on Her Wedding Day

For my niece Tatiana on her wedding day,
April 17, 2014

Your wedding day is upon us. We who have watched you grow into a beautiful young woman are so very happy to share in this day with you.

It seems only yesterday you were the giggling little girl who gladly gave hugs, and loved kitties and dollies, and laughed at everything remotely funny. And now, look at you, you beautiful bride, ready to marry the man of your dreams. Where has the time gone?

Rather than advice, I prefer to give you a blessing, an auntie's blessing for her special girl. 

May you have time to pause throughout your wedding day, and take everything in. Dwell as fully as you can in each and every moment, taking pictures in your mind to preserve these memories. Don't hurry; don't rush. Savor each of the celebrations as they come during your wedding ceremony, your bridal luncheon, and your reception. It is going to be the most special day of your life, so far. Treasure the moments.

Notice how many people are wishing you well; your parents, your family, your friends. We all want to see you happily wed, and even more importantly, happily married. You will be surrounded by love and best wishes all day long. Relish it; enjoy it. It is all for the two of you.

May your wedding day be the first of the most wonderful days of your lives together. There will be many more to come: the honeymoon, your first home, your first child, college graduation, and many more milestones you will celebrate together. 

This is only the beginning of a beautiful life shared as husband and wife. May you always keep your optimistic attitude, your hopeful heart, and your loving spirit. You have everything you need to make this marriage be the best that it can be; you have each other, and you are willing to work together on your happily ever after.

I love you, Sweet Girl. 
May all of your dreams come true.


  1. Glorious post, glorious couple. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. THANK YOU, LIANE! I just noticed your comment. I miss you. I miss Happier!


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