Monday, February 17, 2014

Must've Done Something Right

Standing in front of the window at my kitchen sink offers me the most gorgeous panoramic view. From my vantage point, I am able to watch the sunrise each morning, which at the moment, has the horizon glowing in a vibrant, peachy-orange color, and I am able seek out the moon each night.  I can watch the turkeys fly up to their roosting spots in the tall trees at dusk, and fly down just before dawn.  The other reason I love standing in front of the kitchen window is it is there that I have many of my favorite photographs of my children.  

The camaraderie between the three kids lets me know that for all of the mistakes I've made in my life, I got at least one thing right.  The love and laughter we share fills up any of the spaces in my heart where doubts lurk about my parenting skills.  When we are together, good-natured teasing, and laughter are the norm. When we are apart, frequent texts, phone calls, and emails keep us in touch with each other.  

When Sierra flew in from Denver to join us last month, I kept my camera at the ready to capture the moments that were sure to come. When I am alone, I enjoy these photographs of the happy time we shared...eating meals, riding four-wheelers, playing games, and just visiting.  

I rarely print pictures any more since the possibility of digital storage allows me to view them effortlessly on my laptop, but these last couple of months, I have been printing pictures of my family to have tangible reminders of the happy moments we've shared lately. I have tacked them on my bulletin board, and displayed some of these pictures here in frames along my kitchen windowsill.  

My boys at Red Mountain overlook in Saint George.

My profile pic on Facebook

On Facebook this last week, I had updated my cover photo to show my sons, my older son's arm draped over the younger's shoulders, on our hike up to the Red Mountain overlook in Saint George. My profile picture included my daughter.  I love seeing these beautiful faces whenever I go online.  

Sunday afternoon I received a notification on my phone from Facebook that Sierra was letting me know she had "fixed" my picture. Since I had requested that she post a picture of her with her new puppy, I was hoping to see a picture of Sierra with her Great Dane, Hans.  Curious, I clicked on the notice to see what she'd done. I will have to wait to see more pictures of baby Hans. What I saw made me smile broadly.  

Sierra had successfully edited the picture of her brothers to include her on our hike.  So, even though she was not with us that day, now my happy memories would include this delightful picture of all three of my children at the Red Mountain overlook.

Isn't she clever?  My kids make me laugh whenever they're together, and even when they're not. Yep, I must've done something right.


  1. I love the way you look for all there is to celebrate in life. You have a beautiful soul.

    1. Thanks, Linda, for saying that. I do try, and am usually successful in finding mini-celebrations throughout the day.


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