Sunday, October 13, 2013

Safety First...or First Aid Later

We were visiting our big boy in Saint George this weekend.  He is an outdoor cook extraordinaire.
Dylan loves to grill on his Big Green Egg or gas grill.  He is handy with the Dutch oven.  What he doesn't do much is indoor cooking or baking. When I come down south, he usually requests casseroles, homemade bread, or his favorite, mashed potatoes.

Today I was getting ready to peel potatoes for his oft-requested dish.

Dylan:  You want a cutting board?  

Me:  No.

Dylan:  You want some cut-proof gloves?

Me:  No.

Moments later...

Me:  You have any Bandaids?
I don't have a very good track record.  I guess I understand why I make my husband nervous when I handle knives in OUR kitchen.  Oh, well.  It got me out of peeling the rest of the potatoes and cutting the onions!

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