Tuesday, October 15, 2013

As Fall Fades, the Deer Return

Standing on our deck in my bare feet, sipping hot coffee, while admiring the pre-dawn sky, I felt so grateful to know that we'll always have stars, even after all of the leaves fall.  There is nothing that makes me feel like I am a part of this vast universe like looking at the star-studded sky here in Marysvale, where the sky is blacker, and the constellations brighter.  My heart felt heavy this morning, and I needed the reminder that there are certain parts of nature that are with us always. Yes, I'm feeling melancholy the more the signs of autumn fade into the first signs of winter.

Yesterday on our drive through the canyon, I drove a little slower.  I reminded Bridger to take it all in.  "The leaves won't be here much longer."  He wasn't too sad about it.  There are still plenty of leaves to enjoy.  I've just been noticing as more of the leaves turn to rust, the trees are exposing more of their bare bark and limbs.  The trees of winter are preparing to take their stand.

I love fall foliage.  Each delicate leaf, perfect in its imperfection speaks to me.  I love the splashes of color on our rocky mountains, and the trees in their autumnal grandeur, and even the fallen leaves, slowly decomposing on the forest floor.  I'm going to miss them.

One thing I can count on during this time of year, is our deer returning.  How my heart soared to see them grazing in the yard at the edge of the trees.  I know they eat our trees and grass.  I know that some of our pine trees will never recover from the deer feeding on them.  I still love it when they honor us with their presence.
Our neighbors all the way up the canyon talk of their deer.  Pam's have names.  The deer rest on her porch in the shade, and love to feast on watermelon rinds and corn.  Most of us love the deer.  Those who love their gardens and fruit trees protect them with fences.
The matriarch of the canyon who seems to think of Pam's deck as home.

Meet a couple of our more recent guests...

Handsome little buck
One last look before he heads into the trees...
Until next time!

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