Thursday, October 24, 2013

*Resisting Winter

If I could,

I would stand at the
as each leaf falls,
and return the jewel
to its branch,
restoring autumn
to its perfection.

Time, like sand,

seems to slip
through our fingers faster,
the tighter we try
to hold onto it.

Resisting change,

just like resisting
the passage of time,
is such a futile act.

Winter will come, and

will not be stopped.
As soon as we embrace
each moment for what it is,
anxiety falls away, and
relaxation takes its place.
There is such perfection
in the present moment.

Frost will come,

and with it the
splendor of ice crystals,
glitter that glistens
like fairy dust,
as the sun dances
across the land.

Until then, the leaves will
slowly begin to rust,
and the trees will loosen
their grasp on the jewels
of the passing season.

To mourn this rite of passage

is as useless as wishing
to stop the hands of the clock.
We can cherish what is,
and welcome what is to be,
and be grateful for the
joys to be had in this
perfect moment in time.


  1. Your beautiful words are a lovely mantra to start my day.

    1. It's only fair. YOUR Hobo story made my morning. I love you, Susan.


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