Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Losing My Marbles

Recently I shared with you an embarrassing experience of trying to get into Chuck's car with our other car's keys. The police were involved. My husband had to walk several blocks from his work to rescue me from the parking lot where I was "stranded." Pink cheeks on me are becoming the norm.

In re-reading my journal, I was reminded that was not the first time of MISTAKEN IDENTITY since I've moved to Illinois. (Good thing I write things down. I'd totally forgotten this little incident.) 

Last spring, I walked to the far end of a parking lot, where I remembered parking, and tried, unsuccessfully, to unlock the door of some random silver Hyundai Sonata with the key of my Toyota Camry. I kept hearing a beep from a distant car, and it took me a moment to process that the noise was from my car. The dark grey Camry I had parked only 15 minutes earlier. Ugh.

My mind isn't the only thing I'm losing. I lose regular, every day items all the time. 

Thankfully I have several pairs of reading glasses stashed around the house. Many times I can't find my favorite zebra-striped readers, and I have to put on another pair. 

One morning, as is becoming a regular habit, I couldn't find the black and white readers, so I donned a red pair. My daughter had sent me a Snap Chat, and I decided to send her a snap. I was so surprised when I took the selfie to find my favorite glasses...on my head.  

Not long ago, I needed to return a DVD to the library. I remembered having it in my hands. I remembered getting it ready to go. Did I put it on the sofa table, where we ordinarily put library items? Nope. Did I put it in the car for my next trip to town? Nope. 

When Chuck got home, he suggested it might be in the recycle bin.

"In the garbage can in the garage? That's ridiculous." I may have rolled my eyes a little. 

I kept looking around the house. And then I quietly slipped out into the garage, and dug through the papers that were in the recycle bin, and what do you know? The lost DVD was found. 

My lost marbles are just a few of the things I've lost I wish I could retrieve.


  1. Oh, man, Denise, you and me both...except your recycle bin story wins and is going to make me feel better every time I forget where I put something. :)

    That picture is awesome.

    1. If my story can make even one person feel better about herself, I'm happy. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, Janna. I appreciate it!

  2. My aunt told a story of running around the house looking for her glasses only to discover them on her head. Now that's the first place I check when mine aren't where they are supposed to be. I have pairs everywhere. Bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, family room, purse, camper. We at currently searching for two charger cords hubby can't find.


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