Friday, August 19, 2016

It Takes a Village

"It takes a village to raise a child," and the town of Bristol, England (a.k.a. Bristol, Wisconsin) is no exception. Each weekend during the summer season, Chuck and I have the privilege of visiting the Bristol Renaissance Faire. We witness firsthand the interactions of the adults who supervise the little ones at the faire. 

Sometimes the adult is a nurse of a household in Bristol or at the noble's court; sometimes a trusted friend or relative, but more often than not, the children are with their actual parents. The mothers and fathers of Bristol have a host of trusted friends, aunties, uncles, and cousins who willingly watch over their little ones. 

It's not always easy to tell at first glance who the legal guardian is, and who is posing as one. After awhile, Chuck and I figured out who was who. We love photographing the interactions of the youngsters with their Bristol family members. The mutual affection is obvious between faire family members, whether they share DNA or not.  

The Bristol Renaissance Faire family is a tightly knit one. You will see from the photographs; sometimes it is hard to tell who is the parent, and who is en loco parentis. You might be able to distinguish the relationships in the pictures, but it's harder than it seems.

The village of Bristol is lucky to have so many citizens who take the job of childcare seriously. And the children are the luckiest of all, spending their summers growing up in such an amazing place.

Thank you to all the moms and dads who have encouraged the photographers at Bristol with your kind words and praise. And thank you for allowing us to capture these precious moments with your children. It is such an honor.


  1. as always, the portraiture is stunning. Looking forward to your summer.

    1. Thank you, Crystal. We are counting down the days...Saturday is the day!


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