Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Mo' Mochi, Please!

Have you ever heard of mochi ice cream bonbons? What an interesting fusion dessert of delicious ice cream inside an outer layer of pounded sticky rice! These frozen desserts have been in the United States for over ten years, and I just heard about them the last time I was visiting my daughter in Utah.

Mochi looks like a sphere wrapped in fondant, and has a dusting of potato flour or cornstarch to keep it from sticking. 

There are a variety of flavors available, including common ones like chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, and there are also green tea, Kona coffee, and plum wine. I've only sampled the strawberry mochi, and I think they're very good.

Sierra loves mochi. Her boyfriend hides them deep in the freezer so his girls don't find them; Sisi is pretty serious about her ice cream. They're not cheap; each little bonbon is about 50 cents, so I'd be hiding mine, too. She bought some for us to try, and I think Chuck might have considered it, if we could have found it in mint chocolate chip flavor, that is, but he asked just what mochi was. Sierra began to explain, and Jared cut right to the chase.

"It's like someone stuffed ice cream into a squid."

Chuck would have nothing to do with it after that. I will admit the texture is unusual. The outer layer is chewy, a little powdery, and not very sweet, but I certainly don't mind eating through that to get to the ice cream, which is of a high quality. Of course, I'd eat through a layer of just about anything to get to some ice cream. 

If you're curious, and want to expand your culinary horizons, you might enjoy some mochi yourself. We've found them at Whole Foods and Harmons in Utah. 

*(And no, I am not being paid a dime to promote this product, as has always been the case.)

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