Thursday, February 20, 2014

This Is for the Birds

Early Tuesday morning as I sat in the darkness of the house, I heard my owl. Having a hearing impairment, I often do not hear sounds unless they are quite loud, or directed toward me in an obvious way. It is such a rare treat to hear a great horned owl, and I wanted to feel his presence. 

Wrapping my fleece blanket around my shoulders, I opened the sliding glass door as slowly as I could. I stepped out into the cold, morning air. He continued to call as I strained to see through the darkness. The one ultra-bright star to the east shimmered brightly. The moon was hanging where the sun usually sets. 

A rare treat; the only time I was able to actually see my owl friend.

Unable to see him, as usual, I was still able to feel his calming influence on my troubled heart. Daddy had been gone less than two months, and my second marriage was ending. I could have stayed and listened to the song of my owl for as long as he sang, but it was time to start the day. I reluctantly headed back inside to make breakfast. Before long, I was caught up in my daily routine of dishes, straightening the family room, and getting myself ready; my owl, all but forgotten.

This day held significance for me. My life was at a crossroads. I had been praying to find peace, to know that I was making the best decisions for me. Yes, you could say I was looking for signs. 

The first blessing of that day had been waking up after a full night's rest. As one who has chronic insomnia issues, this was quite a gift, in and of itself. Looking back, I now see the significance of hearing my owl so plainly, and for so long, that morning.

A couple of hours later, I found myself on old highway 89, enraptured with the sight of not just one, but two, Golden eagles. My heart had been troubled as I drove toward the Piute County courthouse, with my signed divorce papers on the passenger seat. I pulled off on the side of the road, watching the eagles' every move, and taking as many pictures as I could, hoping to capture at least one or two good shots. It felt good to be lost in the wonder of observing those beautiful creatures. As I watched them, I realized that they were more gifts of that day; signs, if you will. A calmness settled over me. Another gift requested, and received.

In reading up on animal spirit guides, I have found some explanations that make sense to me now. The Native Americans believe that there are spiritual connections between humans and animals. If we will take notice of the animals in our lives, we can interpret the messages they bring to us. I love studying other cultures, and seeing how their beliefs fit in with my own. 

It is with a grateful heart, and a spirit of humility, that I accept these gifts for what they were.  As I learn and progress, I hope I will continue to be open to the lessons available to me, however they come.  Each day, I pray to know the truths of my heart, and the courage to act on what I know to be true for me.  I also pray that I will maintain a spirit of peace and love, that I may always act in such a way that the people in my life will feel blessed by my presence. As I accept who I am, I hope to be an influence for good, and to be of service to those around me. 

For the last several weeks, I have taken every opportunity to be still, and simply listen. I have tried to be open to spiritual promptings, and to know the things I should do to live a life of peace and happiness. I have tried to be aware of my father, to see if there is anything he is trying to tell me. I have made myself available to the guidance that comes to us through the soft whisperings of the spirit. 

I had hoped that by doing these things, I would only feel joy, but that is not the case. There has been sadness, and grief. For a time, I worried that my tears were signs that I was making mistakes. I can now see that through my trials, I have been learning and growing. My circumstances have humbled me enough that I can hear and see the messages available to me, but I had to ask. I had to seek. 

Life isn't always easy, but we are promised blessings and knowledge from our trials. After the storm, the rainbow; after the sorrow, joy. I am finally moving through the fear and darkness, and I know that happiness and light are in store for me. It is with a grateful heart that I acknowledge the blessings, signs, and gifts of my recent sorrows. Life is indeed good.

Owl by Ryan Glasmann (Link to Etsy shop for his art)

Below, I have included the information I found in an article about Spirit Animal Totems. Since on that day I had encountered my owl and the two eagles, I was curious about the significance of both birds.


Alternatively Owl is often thought to come to those who need to let go of some part of their life that is no longer needed. Listen carefully to that inner voice and be guided to recapture the knowledge of your true path in life. Owl’s senses pierce through shadows, beyond fear and darkness, through to the other side that promises light, happiness and knowledge.


When Eagle comes flying into your life:

It is time to reconnect with your spiritual path. It’s time to listen too and heed your spiritual directives as well as your heart and to allow them both to lead the way for you at this time. When you can find yourself in this state of flight then all the doors will open and the directions you need to follow will be made clear. Like a beacon – your heart will follow the light.


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  1. Lovely writing, as always, and I always look forward to your photographs. Beautiful!

  2. Replies
    1. I'm enjoying your company on my journey!

  3. I listen for "my owl" every day, now. Still haven't seen him/her but yesterday he/she was hooting up a storm. I thought of my inner turmoil. Then I thought of you! I prayed for us both.

    1. It's hard to believe nearly a year has passed since we first started talking about owls. I hope your life continues to feel more peaceful as time goes by; mine certainly has!

  4. Thanks for the info regarding these winged creatures. We get to see eagles a lot over where I live and someone gave me a framed piece talking about the eagle. It meant a lot to me.

    1. You are so welcome, Anne. Thanks for leaving a comment after reading today!


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