Sunday, September 1, 2013

Try to Remember the Songs of September...

For your listening enjoyment, on this, the very first day of September, I have gathered for you several amazing songs featuring this glorious month. Above, the link to Earth, Wind, and Fire, singing...what else?  "SEPTEMBER!" Down below, you will find more entertainment for your ears. 

Songs about September seem to speak to me. 

When I was a little girl, I loved the song "Do You Remember the Days of September?" I loved that song. I can't find it on the internet anywhere to prove its existence, and that I'm not just making it up. 

Richard Chamberlain

In my mind, Dr. Kildare (Played by the actor Richard Chamberlain... swoon. Yes, as a small girl, I swooned for him) was the artist who sang the song.  Trust me on this one; it was a great song. As a teenager, I loved Earth, Wind, and Fire's "September," and as an aging retired teacher, I have a certain love for Daughtry's song of the same name, but different lyrics and feeling altogether.

Well, this is embarrassing. I had to have some assistance. My stepmom helped me with my faulty memory regarding the song from my childhood. It was actually "TRY to Remember" sung by Andy Williams. The humor is not lost on me. The title will be the theme song for the rest of my life, I'm afraid. Try to remember, indeed.

You have to admit, there are physical similarities between the crooner and the young Dr. Kildare. Forgive me. I was four when the song entered my world. My mind isn't what it was. Of course, it obviously wasn't much better when I was younger; I confused the two men, even then. I've attached the YouTube video below, for your further listening entertainment.

Oh, I do love September. Labor Day is fast approaching. There was a time when one would never wear white after Labor Day. If you know me at all, I'm not a slave to fashion. What an understatement. So I'm not celebrating the wearing of all things un-white. That is an archaic tradition to which only a few folks still cling. (Sorry, Margaret.) I just love this transitional season between summer and winter. It is the best season of all, y'all.

September is when the leaves start to change, pumpkins turn orange, and days become a little cooler. It's a time to wear jeans and hoodies. We won't have to mow our grass much longer. The days are not as long, and we start to come indoors earlier. There's even more time for reading, and talking, and good movies.

I went to the farmers' market again yesterday. It was a quick trip. I knew exactly what I wanted: tomatoes and corn. I wandered around for just a bit, listening to the band and taking some pictures. This is the last month. I felt a little wistful, knowing that there aren't very many more weeks to enjoy this little slice of culture on Saturdays.

The last couple of weeks, we have had afternoon rainstorms. Lightning, thunder, and a steady rain are all so welcome in this desert state of Utah.

On this first day of September, I feel very blessed. Even though there will always times of doubt and worry that creep into my life, I take comfort in knowing that nothing lasts forever. Bad times come, and thankfully, bad times go. For now, I feel like I am back in a good place. This week, I am going to hike. That took some courage to write because now I have to follow through with my plan.

Happy September, friends!  Enjoy these warm days and cooler nights!

As promised, here's Andy Williams, singing "Try to Remember." Nice, huh?

Daughtry's "September":

Neil Diamond's "September Morning":


  1. Wearing the color white, after Labor Day, is acceptable. However, wearing white shoes (the exception here is sneakers...) is not!!! LOL!! Great post, Denise!! Life goes on, things change but proper shoe etiquette does not!!!

  2. I'm not sure I even OWN a pair of white shoes! LOL.


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