Tuesday, September 24, 2013

*Flooding My Senses

A big part of who I am derives extreme pleasure from utilizing my five senses. Visually speaking, my eyes delight in the most ordinary of sights, seeing things as if for the first time. When my nose detects pleasant fragrances, I find my body reacts to the scents, either relaxing into them, or feeling energized by them. My sense of touch goes into overdrive when my skin comes in contact with smooth or soft textures.  Savoring yummy foods is one of my mouth's greatest pleasures: cool and creamy, salty and crunchy, warm and spicy, sweet and chewy.  And although my sense of hearing is diminished, I love listening to sounds; music, voices, and especially, the sounds found outdoors in nature.

Sensual to me is less Victoria's Secret, and more Bath and Body Works.  It's not as much about lingerie as it is the softest, comfiest fabrics for towels, sheets, and clothing.  It involves all of the senses, not just the sensual arousal that takes place behind closed doors.

Some folks may not always appreciate my boundless enthusiasm for sensory experiences. I ooh and ah over sunsets and towels,  bright stars and ice cream, fall leaves and pumpkin candles, soft sheets and squirming puppies. Some of my favorite experiences are farmers' markets and home goods stores; feasts for all of my senses.  I remember one time I was gushing over some glorious, puffy, white clouds, and there was some eye-rolling involved with the company I kept. "They're just regular, ordinary clouds, Denise. They are not that unusual."  Hmph.  

Well, in MY world, when I am immersing myself in as many moments as I can, it's like seeing everything for the first time. I bought myself a camera so that I can record these wondrous images to capture the now.  The camera and I concur that everything is worthy of having its picture taken, if you look at it from just the right perspective.  My Canon takes the pressure off of my husband to try to drum up enough of an enthusiastic response to suit me, and I love catching a moment through my lens to enjoy at a later time.

I love the gift shop at Cracker Barrel, and it never fails to disappoint my senses. I wandered through the gift shop, running my fingers over the fabrics, lifting the lids of candles to sniff the fragrances, and seeing the wide array of artfully arranged home decor and gift items. 

After my bath that day, I'd used my Bath and Body lotion; I'd lit the autumn-fragranced candles; I had gathered the dirty dishes and started the dishwasher. The washing machine and dryer were running.  My house was filling up with the fragrances that turn it into a home.

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