Friday, August 23, 2013

"Will It Go Round in Circles?" The Spiral Slicer Sure Does!

Kitchen gadgets are not really my thing.  I don't like clutter-y kitchen counters, and I don't like to clog up my kitchen cupboards with little appliances that are not going to see a lot of use.  That being said, I totally fell for the concept of being able to make noodles out of vegetables.  As soon as I knew what to look for on Amazon, I ordered it.

This handy, dandy contraption is a called a spiral slicer.  It comes with three blades that allow three types of noodles to be made:  spaghetti, linguini, and ribbons.  It sells for about $33, plus shipping.  We've been trying to incorporate more vegetables and complex carbohydrates in our diet.  This has been a fun way to do it.

It will slice any firm fruit or vegetable.  This summer I want to try some of the cucumber salads with a noodle instead of the traditional slices.  It cut an apple into spaghetti  beautifully. My idea for a dessert wasn't that great, but I still want to experiment with that.  For folks who aren't worried about carbs, the potato noodles would be great fried, in soups or casseroles.

The spiral slicer is very lightweight.  I pack it in the car when visiting our big kids because they're all interested in trying new gadgets AND eating healthy.  It's traveled to the southern end of Utah to Dylan's, and all the way to Colorado to Sierra's.  Sierra had so much fun with it, she ordered one for herself!

Pros:  Low-carb eating with favorite pasta dishes is do-able. It is easy to use, and pretty easy to clean.  It requires no electricity to run.  Kids enjoy using it; our adult kids AND our young granddaughter.

Cons:  It's not something I use every week, so I feel a little guilty about the space I've devoted to storing it.  The blades are extremely sharp.  I've lost a little skin using it, but I figure it just ups the protein in the dish. (KIDDING!!!)

Our fifth grade granddaughter had fun helping me in the kitchen.

Bon appétit!


  1. I like to slice vegetables and fruits specially during my summer vacations. In summer my HGE Spiralizer is always ready in kitchen for spiralizing my meal with fresh lemonades and coconut juices.

    1. Ooh! Fresh coconut? I'd never considered that for my water. I tried apples, without much success. They turned brown so fast. Thanks for responding. It's time for me to pull that out for some veggie-based summertime meals.


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