Friday, August 23, 2013

Dodging the Bullet

"Today is a wonderful day
For I am going away.
Not to the circus, not to the pool.
Can't you guess? I'm going to school!"

That little verse is followed by a bunch of "tra-la-la-la-las" that I will spare you of reading. I GET to go to school today.  I don't have to go; I am not required to go.  It is my PRIVILEGE to go!  And I am so excited!

I woke up at 4:30.  By 4:45 I was bounding out of bed.  I needed to get ready!  Wait, I'm a retired teacher.  I don't HAVE to go anywhere.  But that's the point.  Today, I GET to go.  And I am so happy.

My friend invited me to help in her classroom today.  I will check in at the office, wear my VISITOR badge, soak in the fifth grade vibe, have fun, and then check out of the office.  I will not go home and worry about lesson plans this weekend, or grading papers, or pressure from parents.  Today it is an honor to be a volunteer.  I feel nearly giddy!!!

My principal will probably think, "I knew she shouldn't have retired.  She wasn't ready.  Look at her; she's already back."  Oh, but I was ready.  My energy levels were waning. I found myself fumbling with words...with WORDS!  Word geeks don't do that!  Remembering over 100 children's names used to be a cinch.  Not any more.  It took me so long to accomplish the same things I used to do quickly.  I could feel the changes coming, and this old dog just didn't feel like learning all of the new tricks the state department of education would be requiring.

Winston Churchill said, "Nothing in life is so exhilarating as to be shot at without result."  I am feeling the exhilaration of having dodged a bullet.  

Now I can go to school when I feel like it.  No one will be observing or evaluating my performance.  No parents will call me late tonight with concerns about a child.  I don't have to learn the newest ways to teach, which are just the older ways to teach, revived again.  I don't have to learn the new curriculum. No district meetings will be required of me...not faculty meetings nor team meetings.  *sigh*

Let's get this day started!!!
The Queen of Fifth Grade Graces Her Former
Kingdom Once Again.  (HAH!)


  1. I think I parked by your car this morning when I dropped off Bethany. As I pulled up next to it I was thinking that it reminded me of your car but my train of thought was lost as I was getting myself and child out of the car and talking to Mark.
    I'm sure you had loads of fun...and like said none of the worry or work!

    1. Noelle, when they say "you can't go back home," I think they have to include going back to work. It's DIFFERENT. I actually loved going up to the middle school to see the kids; that's where my heart is.


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