Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Simplicity of Artisan Bread

Yesterday I seized the opportunity to try a new bread, the Five Minute Artisan Bread. I love baking bread; smelling the yeast, touching the dough, watching it rise, and smelling the amazing aroma of bread in the oven. This bread only requires about eight minutes of hands-on time. SIGN ME UP!

This artisan bread is so simple. You mix the ingredients (flour, yeast, water, salt) until there's no more powdery flour; no kneading required. Find something fun to do while the dough rises for two hours. Next, you cut off a one pound section of dough, and form it into a ball, and let it rest for 40 minutes while you entertain yourself or take a nap. After it bakes in a preheated oven for 35 minutes, you have yourself some amazing artisan bread that you baked yourself!

But wait! There's more! Remember how I said to cut off about a pound of the dough to make a loaf of bread? There is still enough dough in the bowl to make a couple more loaves. For that minuscule amount of work, you can have fresh bread two more times over the next couple of weeks. Simply cover the bowl and refrigerate it. How cool is that?

Chuck says this is his favorite bread, after pumpkin bread. That's saying a lot. He likes my homemade rolls, and my ciabatta bread, and this is his favorite bread for dinner. 

You need to check this recipe out! I changed none of the ingredients; I stuck to the recipe, so all the credit goes to Leite's Culinaria. The only thing I had to change was I don't have a pizza peel, whatever that is, or a baking stone, so I just used my silicone mat on a cookie sheet, and it came out beautifully.

If you are looking for a simple bread recipe, look no further. This is it. 


  1. It sounds so easy I must try it. I make a wholewheat Irish soda bread as a family staple. Your recipe looks like a good alternative. How pictures are good enough I could taste and smell e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.

    1. Tonia, your wholewheat Irish soda bread sounds better for Chuck's diabetes. I need to get your recipe. This is the second time you've mentioned it; I must have it! It's good to have you "back."


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