Friday, September 16, 2016

My Own Dr. Who

My Very Own Dr. Who

Move over Dr. Who, there is a new time lord in town. My personal time travel escort just happens to be the man I married. 
Queen Elizabeth holding court in Bristol.

Over the period of one week last year, I was a witness to the arrival of Queen Elizabeth in Bristol, England, only to be whisked away to the encampments of the American Revolutionary War the following weekend, and then the very next day, I was hauled through the halls of history to the days of the Civil War. 

During our visits to other places and other times, I've met other time travelers, who one week were fine nobles in the Renaissance court of England, and the next week were striding between tents in a Revolutionary War military encampment. I saw Tories and Patriots in the same locale.  I was able to see George Washington in the morning, and Abraham Lincoln in the afternoon. 

We are fortunate to have so many events near us in the midwest where reenactors give us opportunities to learn about history by observing them at military history fests, Renaissance faires, and war reenactments. We thank them for their tireless dedication to share their love of history, and the people they represent, more often than not, at great personal expense. 

Our TARDIS may not be a bright blue police call box; alas, it is only a simple silver Toyota Camry, oh, but the places we've been, and the times we have spent, and the people we've met. I love my very own Dr. Who, and the adventures we have traveling back in time. 

Renaissance Man

American Revolution Man

Ben Franklin

Renaissance Knights' Joust

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