Thursday, July 31, 2014

Measuring Time in Sleeps

Does anyone else measure time in "sleeps," or is it just our family? I think this particular tradition started with my brother Eric's kids, Rowan and Tatiana; I don't remember which one.

Today, we have one more sleep until Bridger and I will be with Sierra. Since she moved away from home, we cherish these visits. It's been a couple of months since we've been together; it seems so much longer than that.
My Colorado Kids

Tomorrow morning, early, Bridger and I will trudge out to the Sonata, and head east to Colorado. This has become an annual road trip for the Shrink/Boo duo. I look forward to these vacations, knowing I have my boy all to myself during the eight hour trip there and back, and then we will spend the weekend with the Colorado kids. 

My mother's heart is amazed that the baby boy of our family is old enough to share in the driving. Bridger is a great kid; he's smart, he's conscientious, and he's so funny. Road trips with my kids are some of my favorite memories. We're going to soak up what's left of this summer this next little we're tubing down the river, tomorrow we're driving to Denver, and then hopefully we'll enjoy the Rocky Mountains, hiking, eating out, and spending time together.

One more sleep until I see my Baby Girl. And then in just more sleeps, it will be over before I'm ready to leave her. One day at a time. One sleep at a time. I need to enjoy each and every moment as it comes. 

One more sleep, Sierra. If I can even sleep tonight! See you soon, Sweetie.


  1. Love your road trips. I'm guessing this is the last one before school starts. Hope you had a great trip and have wonderful visit with your girl.

    1. Nearly a year late...THANK YOU for blogmenting!!! Sorry. I hate it when I don't see comments. ANOTHER reason to not love Blogger. The notifications are extremely understated. Love you!


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