Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Le Beau Citron (Fresh Limeade)...Trying to Give Up Soda AGAIN

Yesterday's goal was to drink healthier. I conscientiously avoided soda in the morning, and by the time the hectic-ness of my afternoon was over, I didn't really want it. Our secret survival weapon? Iced water and fresh-squeezed limeade. "So refreshing!" exclaims the husband. We sweeten it with stevia and flavor it with a sprig of mint. 

I've tried cutting out soda before,but never really noticed a dropping a quick 30 pounds, so why bother? We've been watching all of the propaganda movies (my term) on Netflix, and I really feel like some of my habits are out of control and that perhaps there are more important things than losing weight to be gained from eating a wider variety of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and unprocessed foods. (The movies? Hungry for Change, Food Matters, Forks over Knives, Frankensteer... with several more in our queue.) So, I'm trying to become more moderate. Yes, I must subject myself to extreme viewpoints to try to find a point of balance. It's like shock therapy for this junk food junkie at heart.

We were introduced to the freshly squeezed limeade at the Ogden Arts Festival Saturday.  A lone young man was running his stand, trying to keep up with the demand for his yummy drink.  I watched carefully, so I could go home and make my own version of his Le Beau Citron.  And here it is, the recipe to make a quart of this summery nectar.

Le Beau Citron

1.  Squeeze the juice from two limes into a Mason jar (to be authentic!)
2.  Add a sprig of mint, twisting the leaves to release the oil (trust me, you'll want the mint, and I'm not mint's biggest fan)
3.  Sweeten to taste (we like three packets of stevia in ours)
4.  Fill the jar with water and ice.  
5.  Seal the jar and shake the contents rhythmically, adding hip movement, if desired.

Drink directly from jar, unless you have more drinks to make! 

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