Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Family Bed

Night two of the puppies sleeping on the bedroom floor went very well until three o'clock this morning when I got up to go to the bathroom. When I came back, there was a big, black puppy snuggled up against the back of Chuck's legs. "Oh, well, if he doesn't mind, I don't mind," I thought. 

The big grey puppy noticed where the big, black puppy was, and within moments had his front paws up on the mattress. Well, why not? "Come here, Bristol," I whispered. With one big clumsy leap, he was halfway on the bed, with his big haunches hanging over the side. I pulled him the rest of the way up, and he stretched out beside me along the edge of the bed. Chuck was beside me; Sami was behind my legs, and Bristol was against my tummy. I draped my arm across Bristol, and he let out a big, satisfied sigh, and went to sleep. I smiled. The family bed. What a sweet feeling.

By 3:30, I decided I was ready for coffee and books, so I headed downstairs with my canine companion. Chuck and Sami joined us much later. 

"Somebody jumped in bed when you went to the bathroom," Chuck said as he came in the kitchen. 

"I know. I was surprised to see her there, but I figured you were okay with it."

He said, "I thought you would push her off when you came back to bed." I smiled into my coffee cup.

Poor Chuck. My sweet husband knows me better than anyone else, but there are some things he doesn't understand about me. The way I saw it, we just had one family member missing. There was only one thing to do, so I did it.

I love our little pack.

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