Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Ugh. Enough Already.

"Ugh, could you just NOT?" Sometimes I wonder if this is what the puppies think as I crawl toward them on my belly with my phone in my hand, to capture just the right shot, in just the right light, at just the right time. 

It's been worth it to me, no matter what they think of my shutterbug addiction, if dogs even have opinions. I have thousands of pictures of our puppies, which means I have thousands of memories and moments in time, captured for me to enjoy later. And I do. I scroll through my phone's photo library nearly every single day, amazed at how much they've grown, and what they've learned to do. 

So today, here are the un-photogenic shots of my beautiful babies. Those moments when I start to wonder if they've had quite enough photo sessions with their private puparazza. Maybe the trade-offs are worth it to them, though. Three square meals, a roof over their heads, belly rubs, daily walks, and treats, plus my devoted care; all in exchange for simply having their pictures taken. Often. I've tried to make it worth their while. Poor little puppies. Lucky, lucky me.  


  1. I love your puppy photos. Being a cat person myself, I'm beginning to understand the charm of dogs ... beginning.

    1. I love cats and dogs, but have to admit to loving dogs a little more; I must need the external affirmation. I have a grandcat named Ludo, who is the most beautiful cat ever. He is so interactive; I swear he is part-dog.


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