Saturday, April 22, 2017

Sleep, or the Lack Thereof

Sleeping, no doubt, is the super power of puppies. Bristol is our reigning champ, with Sami getting an honorable mention. They can sleep through nearly anything; a slamming door, thunderclaps, and in Bristol's case, falling off the couch.

Some of us are not so lucky. All of my adult life, I've been a pretty light sleeper. I can fall asleep at the drop of a hat; I just can't stay asleep. I'm pretty satisfied if I can get six hours. The month of January, after we bought our Himalayan salt rock lamps, was nothing short of miraculous for me. I was sleeping 7-8 hours nearly every single night. Was it the lamp? I'll probably never know.

Then we adopted our two super sleepers in February, and my insomnia returned when I had to take the puppies out every couple of hours during the night. We're down to about one potty break a night these days, but if my eyes even flutter open after I've fallen asleep, I struggle to return to my slumber. And if I have to get out of bed to stumble around in the yard waiting for Bristol and Sam to do their business when it's cold outside, that's all she wrote. My night is over, and my day has begun. I just have to try to catch up on sleep when the puppies nap.

And nap, they will. It really amazes me sometimes. When we first brought them home, Bristol was battling a couple of illnesses, and he slept way more than Sami. Nowadays, they both sleep plenty, but Sami occasionally outsleeps Bristol. 

I envy the puppies' ability to sleep 12-15 hours a night, waking only long enough to potty and wolf down a quick breakfast. They are still taking a couple naps a day, too, each lasting 2-3 hours. Sigh. I really am so very jealous.

For now, I can only hope that once the puppies' bladders will allow them to sleep through the night, the blissful sleep I enjoyed before we became puppy parents will be mine again. A girl can dream, right? I might not be able to sleep, but I still have daydreams about a full night's sleep.

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