Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Happy Awareniversary, Chuck!

A drizzling rain spotted my windshield after I backed out of the garage, and my headlights lit up the closing garage door. We were getting an early morning start, just after six; Chuck heading to work, and I, to the grocery store.

Today is the anniversary of my becoming aware of the fascinating creature, Chuck Bennorth. I had tagged him in a post on Facebook, wishing him a Happy Anniversary of the Piqued Interest, and totally didn't get it when our friend Jane sent us a congratulatory "H.A.O.T.P.I." Duh. As I said, we started early today; perhaps a little more sleep is in order.

While I was pushing a wobbly-wheeled cart at Walmart, Chuck and I chatted on the phone. "Sounds like you picked a great cart," he teased. Yeah, it was loud enough for my phone mic to pick up. Every morning since we met on Facebook a year ago, we have spent most of Chuck's 75 minute commutes to and from work, talking on the phone. After my grocery cart was full of food, my eyes were drawn to an orange paisley, ├╝ber-soft blanket on an end cap, he told me it better get in my cart so it could come home with me. He knows of my weakness for all things orange, and especially things orange and SOFT.

Next I wandered over to get new lighters for our candles, and some more fall-scented candles. We're going on vacation to look at the fall foliage around the Great Lakes at the end of the week, and ever since our first getaway to the Great Smoky Mountains, Chuck has always made sure we take candles with us. I love the romantic streak in that man. It is a very wide streak, indeed.

May I tell you that this honeymoon is still going strong, in part because of his amazing sense of all things romantic. After dinner last night, for example, he did the dishes, and then told me we were going out for a little surprise. I knew exactly what my surprise was going to be because he had tried to treat me to this very thing Sunday afternoon, but Cracker Barrel was all out of Pumpkin Custard 'N' Ginger Snaps, unless we wanted to hang out in the Country Store for three hours when they would have more available. The custard is so good, but not "wait for three hours" good.

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So, last night, we drove the thirty minutes to Naperville to pick up my treat, and while we traveled, I read to Chuck. The book we're currently reading is Wired for Love by Stan Tatkin. How many husbands are legitimately interested in working on communication to keep the love alive in marriage? I am so blessed, and I know it.

One year ago today, we became aware of each other, and things snowballed from there. It was a whirlwind courtship, and after only five days of being together, we were engaged, and just less than three months from the day our interests were piqued, we were married. 

Thank you, Chuck, for taking a chance on me, and for asking me to marry you. I would do it all again, just the way we did, changing nothing. Well, except I still wish I had found you earlier, but we are making up for lost time now!

October 2014
Great Smoky Mountains

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