Thursday, June 18, 2015

Mist Becomes Rain in the City of Saint Charles

The air caresses my skin
with moist kisses
as I walk through the 
early morning fog
that blankets the
city of Saint Charles
before the clouds release
the raindrops gathering
within them.

Snapping my pictures,
then tucking my camera
under my shirt between shots,
I scurry along the river,
enjoying this time that
Mother Nature has provided
just for me, and a few other
early morning adventurers
as the city begins to stir.

Before I left home,
the Weather Channel
assured me there was zero percent
chance of rain, but sometimes
she lies. 

The humidity becomes mist,
and the mist becomes rain
in a matter of moments. 
Droplets spatter the cement
as I hurry back along the river,
retracing my steps to the 
dry haven that is my car.

Buildings shrouded in clouds
rise out of the mist.

Lights haloed in moisture
sleepily blink awake in this 
early morning fog.

The bridges span the expanse
of the Fox River, 
and rise up through the moisture-laden air.

The Pride of the Fox
stands guard on the bank 
of the river, observing the
mysteries in the mist.

Colors are softer;
mornings are slower
when the world awakes
from a gauzy slumber.

The fog is one of many
unexpected gifts on this
hazy morning along the river.

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