Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Celebrate National Library Week, April 12-17 2015

Nearly every week, my husband goes to the library and brings home an armful of books, CDs, and DVDs. No wonder we're never at a shortage for topics of conversation. The man reads everything he can get his hands on. We have books all over the house. There are books on his iPad, magazines and his Bible on the sofa table. He loves reading articles on the internet. He even has a toothbrushing book. Some people hum the Happy Birthday song while they brush; Chuck reads books. 
The toothbrushing tome.

While in the process of getting my name changed, I have been using Chuck's library card. Now that I have jumped through the toughest hoop, getting an Illinois driver's license (that is its own story), I figured I was ready to get a library card of my own. How serendipitous that the day I obtained my card was during the kickoff of National Library Week!

How are YOU celebrating National Library Week? 

Since I was going to the library anyway, I offered to return Chuck's various media. He had a couple of photography books on portraits, a colossal collection of poetry, a creating poetry book, several books on audio CDs, and some music CDs. By the time I loaded up my backpack, I suspected my back was going to be in trouble.

I texted Chuck:

"You're going to have to start using my junior high book criteria: nothing over a half-inch thick...lol...if I'm going to have to tote them back to the library for you."

"I can renew it from here. you don't have to carry it anywhere."

"Oh? Wonderful! That backpack weighs a ton. Well, okay, not QUITE..."

"You ALWAYS exaggerate."

Once I removed the colossal collection of poetry, I think the backpack weighed in at just under 2,000 pounds, but it was close; I swear. With great effort, I hoisted the pack over my shoulder, and headed to the library. This girl loves having a car now!

As soon as I procured a library card of my own, I skedaddled over to the reference desk, and asked for instructions to download books to my iPad. A wonderfully patient librarian walked me through the entire process. Not one too secure in my newfound knowledge, I stationed myself in a comfy chair within sight of the reference desk, and kept at my task until I had successfully downloaded my very first ebook! 

Nearly every Friday, I spend the afternoon at the public library in Deerfield, when I accompany Chuck on his commute to and from work. Libraries are not what they used to be. There are cell phone use areas, quiet rooms (Just don't try to take a nap in one. Librarians can get pretty snippy with nappers.), vending machines, laptop areas, oodles of movies, computers, and now, so many titles are available online. 

If you haven't been to the library lately, check one out! 

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