Friday, January 23, 2015

Dondé Esta el Amor?

Amor Latino has been playing on Spotify all morning. I just couldn't have a repeat of another day like yesterday. Yesterday was a day of slothfulness. I feel I am quite competent to JUDGE the lack of accomplishments, but I have yet to master the art of doing nothing. I think that will require being able to do nothing with grace, and without judgment. 

When I saw myself on the Skype screen while chatting with Chuck during his lunch break, I raked my fingers through my hair. I'd waited too long to use the hair dryer, so my baby fine hair was flat and uncooperative when I finally got around to trying to fix it. "My hair looks like a really bad wig today," I complained. 

This morning, I decided to revisit the genre of Latin music as part of my DISCOVERY. My sister-in-law Cristina says when she puts on her favorite Latin music, she can get her housework done while she dances. I figured it was worth a chance. 

I haven't done any dancing, but I have accomplished more in a couple of hours than I did all day yesterday! The music got me thinking of the few Spanish words I know, and I wondered if I could write a poem with my limited Spanish. I've never been good at knowing where the accent marks go, so I used Google's translator to help me write this little poem, with credit to Pablo Alboran, who has a song by the same title, although after running Pablo's song through the translator, I think something may get "lost in the translation." What is a beautiful love song in Spanish becomes a somewhat comical use of poorly worded phrases with the "help" of the translator. 

So, at the risk of presenting a comical poem of my own, here is my poem in Spanish, dedicated to Chuck. My husband speaks more Spanish than I do, so I hope he can read between the lines to find the love there for him.

¿Dónde Está el Amor?

¿Dónde está el amor?
Aquí; aquí lo tienes,
El amor está aquí, 
en nuestras palabras,
y en nuestros corazónes,
y donde quiera que vayamos.

Dime que me amas, también.

El amor está aquí, 
en nuestras palabras ,
y en nuestros corazónes,
y donde quiera que vayamos.


  1. Que bien! Bella! Love your little discoveries and how happy you are in love. Do you remember that one guy that sang A Spanish 1 Love Song. I don't quite remember the title but that's what I thought of when I read your title. It was so silly and FUN. I'll have to try to find the link and send it to you. :D Found it!

    1. Amy, thank you for sharing the Spanish 1 Love Song. I'm sure some high school teacher would love to give this to the class and have them FIX it! I can only imagine how stilted the language is to a native speaker, but I had to try.


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