Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Denise and Chuck's Eggs-ellent Adventure: PART 1

I feel like Sam-I-Am from Dr. Seuss's book, Green Eggs and Ham when it comes to getting my husband to try different foods. I don't want him saying, "That Sam-I-Am! That Sam-I-Am! I do not like that Sam-I-Am."

But seriously, how can he hate eggs? Not only am I trying to get him to try eggs (at least they're not GREEN), I want to find ways for him to enjoy fruits and vegetables. 

"Do you like fried eggs and ham? 
I do not like them, Sam-I-Am.
Would you like them here or there? 
I would not like them ANYWHERE. 
Would you like them boiled or fried? 
I would not like them; I have tried."
Want to see Chuck's serious side? Just mention eggs.

Chuck hates eggs. Let me rephrase that. Chuck is very picky about his eggs.

When I first met Chuck, we often discussed our favorites: books, movies, foods. I was surprised at how limited he was in the foods he liked. When I asked him how he liked his eggs, he replied, "Preferably, in a cake." 

It wasn't long after that little joke was made that I stumbled upon this little gem on Pinterest:

How do you like YOUR eggs?

I like them just about any way they come. I will eat them scrambled, fried, boiled, and although I don't recall ever having them poached, I bet I'd like them that way, too. Eggs are great in quiches, frittatas, and breakfast casseroles. Yeah, I'll eat them here or there. I will eat them anywhere. 

There's not a bad time to eat eggs. While they are a perfect breakfast food, eggs are wonderful at lunch and supper, too. A boiled egg is a handy snack that packs a powerful protein punch. I will eat them hot or cold. I will eat them when I'm old.

My husband is the unreformed version of the egg-hating character in Green Eggs and Ham, I'm afraid. Not only does Chuck not like "green eggs and ham," he doesn't like regular eggs, either. Actually, the ham, he likes. Just don't be trying to put any eggs with it, green or otherwise.


Not really. You and I both know there is going to be more to this story. Tune in NEXT WEEK for the ongoing saga of...

Denise and Chuck's Eggs-ellent Adventure!


  1. How strange that I just ate a boiled egg before reading this.

    We always loved that book. I bet you'll have Chuck eating lots of things before long even if eggs aren't one of them.

    1. Coincidence! I'm not going to push my luck with this sweet man; no food is worth his security! :-)


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