Sunday, April 27, 2014

Adventures with Ma'am

South Sevier High School Madrigals at the Utah High School Concert Choir Competition

We single mamas have crazy schedules sometimes. Yesterday morning I was on the road by 6:45, on my way to Orem, two hours away, to watch my son sing at the state high school choir competition. 140 miles I drove. After a flawless performance that lasted only long enough to sing three songs, the high schoolers were off for a day of fun involving trampolines, and hanging out at the mall, which is quite a treat for our rural kids. 

My own plans for lunch fell through, and there I was, two hours from home wondering what do. Not to fear. I called my friend, Ma'am, to see if it was too late to take her up on her offer to spend the afternoon at the Kayenta Street Painting Festival, 265 miles in the OTHER direction. Ma'am is always good for spontaneous adventure, which has been such a good example for me, a homebody who is a creature of habit. I'm learning, and I am finding out that spontaneity is the spice of life. I downed a Five Hour Energy drink, and headed south to join her.

We stopped for an early dinner at Café Rio in Saint George. The darling young man who served our food called us both Ma-DAM. How did he know? My friend has had the nickname "Ma'am" for quite awhile, I guess I can be "Ma-DAM."

When Ma'am whipped out tooth-brushes and minty toothpaste in the parking lot before we left for the festival, I knew we were soul sisters. "Have toothbrush, will travel." It's a great way to live! 

Kayenta is on the outskirts of Saint George near the small town of Ivins. The skies were overcast, and they had experienced rain earlier in the day. The precipitation didn't seem to dampen the spirits of the artists at the festival. 

The first artists we talked to were from California. The woman and her assistant had been invited to the festival to demonstrate their skills, and she is also a judge for the event. The theme this year is "Celebrating Earth." 

One section is reserved for children to try street painting. For $5, children may buy a box of pastels, and design their own square on the paved street.

Photo Credit: Ma'am took this one of me as proof I was there!

Valentina Sforzini, Italian street painter

Valentina Sforzini, pictured above and below, flew to the festival from Italy. She has been painting in street festivals since she was seven years old, and has participated in festivals similar to this one in Holland, France, Germany, Mexico, and the U.S. Her work is featured, along with five other international artists in a new documentary: Gesso: the Art of Street Painting.

Adry del Rocio
Adry del Rocio, shown in the preceding and following pictures, is the other artist with whom we spoke. Ms. del Rocio had come from Mexico. She won her first prize for her art when she was only four. Her talents have been shown in Cuba, Mexico, Spain, and the U.S. She is also featured in the Gesso documentary.

Thankfully, the rain stopped earlier in the day so the artists could resume their paintings. Many works of art were covered with plastic when the rain began. The artists were hoping that Sunday's promise of sunny weather would hold so they could finish their paintings in pleasant conditions. 

Our adventure continued in Saint George where we met friends for dinner, but that is an adventure of its own to be told another day. 

We drove home through every sort of weather spring has to offer here in Utah: dry, rain, sleet, and snow. My mileage total would hit 550 by the end of the night. I could barely keep my eyes open to keep Ma'am company as she drove through the night. Okay, I'll be honest; I fell asleep. My 9:00 bedtime habit had been pushed to its limits, and I nodded off several times before we finally got home at midnight.

I better stock up on Five Hour Energy drinks so I can be ready at a moment's notice for another adventure with Ma'am. Spontaneity is the name of the game, and I want to be a major player. (Not a play-ah, just a player in the game of spontaneous fun!)

If you are needing an adventure of your own, and live in Utah, you still have time to visit the last day of the street painting festival, Sunday, April 27, 2014. More information is HERE


  1. So cool Denise and beautifully written too. Love how you take whatever the day dishes and make something good of it. Beautiful images too.

    1. Oh, it took me a few minutes to get over the disappointment, and it was tempting to stew about it, but then I asked myself what was in my power that I could change. So glad I have friends I can call to help me out when I need them!

  2. Wow! Some of those are incredibly photorealistic! Our kids do a chalk art festival every March for our International Week celebration. I absolutely love it...not least because I'm not sure I could ever take a small piece and make it that big. :-)


    1. That's what amazed me, Ros! Most of the artists were using spaces as large as 12 feet x 12 feet!


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