Monday, March 27, 2017

What's Better than Pizza?

There is one food our family can all agree on: PIZZA. We all love pizza. We don't all like the same toppings, but we all like pizza. 

Our three youngest. ;-)

Our son Bridger is visiting us from Utah. He's been working out, and eating healthier, so I wasn't sure he'd want to indulge in a Chicago-style, deep dish pizza from Giordano's during his stay. It's not exactly health food. 

When I asked him about it, he told me he HAD to have Giordano's because, well, PIZZA. 

Bridger said the helmet was two-fifty. "Buy it!" I told him. "That's a bargain."
"As in $250," he clarified. "Well, that's just ridiculous," I told him. Chuck reminded
me that the men dodging bullets on the battlefield might think it was worth every penny.

So Saturday after we spent some time in Oakbrook Terrace at an Army surplus store and Guitar Center, we called in our order for pizza. Bridger and I would share a medium pizza, half pineapple, half pepperoni. Chuck would get a small sausage one of his own. 

I could listen to my boy play guitar all day long.

To kill a little time, we stopped in Wheaton to show Bridger the Wise Penny consignment shop, one of Chuck's favorite places to spend his money when he was a child, and we HAD to visit the Popcorn Shop. 

One of Wheaton's specialty shops is the Little Popcorn Store, established in 1921. This business set up shop in an alley between two larger stores. Measuring just four feet wide, and thirty feet long, it is an unusual configuration for such a popular place frequented by locals and tourists alike. Chuck swears their popcorn is the best, and they only sell plain popcorn. Judging from the line of customers waiting to buy their selections, Chuck isn't alone in his opinion. 

The Popcorn Store also sells candy. There are rows and rows of candy lining the wall back toward the popcorn machine; everything from the new gummi candies to the vintage penny candies. 

Even though I'm not eating candy right now, I felt like SOMEONE should indulge in my favorite candy from childhood, the Zagnut bar. Bridger was starving, and was more than happy to take me up on my offer. He said it tastes like Chick-o-Sticks, which are another favorite of mine. 

We'd finally wasted enough time in Wheaton to go pick up our pizza; we could hardly wait. Bridger was the most excited of us, I believe.

If Bridger's Snapchat is any indication, he was excited about getting pizza.

When we got home, I took the puppies out while the guys got things ready for our late lunch. I knew something was wrong when I came back inside. Chuck was on the phone with Giordano's, and Bridger had a crestfallen expression on his face as he showed me our box of pizza. There was no deep dish pie waiting to be eaten; it was a thin crust. Bridger's disappointment was palpable. 

While we waited for Giordano's to make the pizza we'd ordered, we were free to eat the "mistake pizza," and you can bet we did. Bridger only ate a slice, though; he was waiting for his deep dish pizza so he could thoroughly enjoy his much- anticipated meal. 

While we were eating, Bridger said, "There's only one thing better than pizza." I raised my eyebrows, as I looked at him to see what he would say. Just when I was thinking he would say NOTHING is better than pizza, he said, "MORE pizza." I guess you could say we had a pretty good day.


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    1. Doesn't everyone? Even my friend who eats low carb loves her cauliflower crust version.


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