Thursday, March 23, 2017

PUPPY TALES: Celebrating National Puppy Day

How will you celebrate National Puppy Day? You didn't know that was a thing? You must not follow Sandra Boynton on Facebook. She alerts me to all of the little-known, but amazing holidays like Chocolate Day, Donut Day, Pizza Day. So, of course, I was very excited to discover today was National PUPPY Day.

Sandra Boynton's Facebook post can be found HERE.

Did someone say PUPPIES? I have some of those! As if you didn't know. But how will YOU celebrate?

Maybe you'll watch a few cute puppy videos, or recall fondly the days when your dog was a pup. Maybe you're just not a dog person, and this day will totally fly below the radar for you. It's okay. Rest assured; I'll celebrate enough for the both of us. 

At this very moment, the sky is beginning to lighten ever so slightly, and it is very dark in the living room, except for the lovely glow of the Himalayan salt rock lamp. I can't even see Sami who is black as night, but I can hear her, softly breathing as she is stretched out on more than her half of the sofa. The glow of the computer is softly illuminating the pile of grey puddles beside me, lovingly known as Bristol. He is snoring loudly, as he is wont to do. I'm celebrating this very moment VERY QUIETLY, so as not to disturb their slumber, and I am enjoying every single second of this peace and quiet. 

The puppies were up earlier at 5:00 for their breakfast, and while they ate their homemade meal of boiled ground beef, white rice, and green beans, I prepared their Kongs for the freezer, filling them with Braunschweiger. (Don't know what that is? Read HERE.) No, I'm not treating them to a gourmet meal in honor of Puppy Day. This has been their vet-recommended diet for awhile now, until we get their tummy issues under control. I cook for the puppies more than I do Chuck and me; twelve cups of cooked rice and five pounds of hamburger at a time. These growing pups have big appetites. 

The puppies and I have a big day planned. They'll take lots of naps, and I hope to join in on one of those. When the doorbell rings, as it does most days, after I settle Sami down from the frenzy that initiates, I'll see what Amazon delivered for the puppies THIS time. We've become very regular Amazon customers, since the puppies came to live with us. Amazon has delivered two more crates, a harness, Kong toys and Nylabones. We have a grundle of puppy toys, but there's always something new our friends recommend for us to try. 

Today we're hoping Amazon will bring more jingle bells to put around the house so the puppies can alert us when it's time to go out. Pretty exciting; I know, but not many packages contain things for the humans in the house any more, so I have to muster some enthusiasm for all of the puppy packages that arrive. Often.

Later today, I'll pick up their puppy toys for the umpteenth time, wipe down dog crates, mop paw prints off the floor, and finish up with a rousing game of Poop Patrol, kind of like a disgusting Easter egg hunt for dog owners.

Since I have reinforcements today (our youngest son Bridger flew into Chicago last night), maybe Sam and Bristol will both get to go for a walk at the same time around the neighborhood. And later, I hope we get to check out a dog park. We haven't gone to a dog park yet. Tonight, we have our last puppy class at Anderson Animal Shelter

Precious puppy paws.

I guess National Puppy Day won't be much different than any other day at our house. But we'll KNOW it's a special day, and we'll treat our puppies "extra-special," not that that will be much different either. Every day's a celebration with Bristol and Sam in the house.


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