Sunday, January 22, 2017

Our Circle of Women (What Women Know)

Our circle of women grows
with the passage of time.

Each union,
each birth,
each loss,
and each death
brings us closer together,
and strengthens our bond.
We are women;
we know these things.

To be loved, and to belong;
is there anything greater?

We lift one another
with voices and hands,
joining forces with heaven
to strengthen the weak,
to steady the faint, and
to celebrate the strong.

My circle began with the woman
who gave me life, and her mother
who gave her life, and her sister
who grew to love me, too.

The mother of my father, 
and his sister, and her daughter;
all women of my tribe,
who made me welcome here.

As sisters joined hands with mine,
the family grew to include us all.

The girls of long ago
helped me see the world 
through their eyes,
and even after the 
passage of time, still remain
constant in my life.

I have been mothered by
another, who gave me the gift
of her love, and gave to me
a sister-friend when

she became a mother herself.

My own daughter, and the
woman who married my son 
bring joy and laughter wherever they go.

Photo Credit: Dylan Waters

As brothers took wives
who bore them their daughters,
our sisterhood grew,
each girl a perfect gift
to those who love her most.

The women in my circle are strong and vibrant.
They stand tall in the face of adversity, 
and show me the way when I feel lost.
In my trials, I have learned that
they will not leave me; they will sustain me.

Caring, loving, embracing;
their actions, louder than words,
remind me of my worth.

A woman is strength.
A woman is courage.
A woman is love.

Women know these things.

Women united 
know no limits
to the good they can do.
These things we know
because we are women.

From the heart of my circle,
I feel gratitude for the grace
offered me when I 
somehow felt
that I was less.

Women whose faces 
I know only from photographs
lift me from afar.
Their understanding of who I am,
and what I need, touches me
in ways I cannot explain.

We are united by our common experience
of traveling this world as women and friends.
There are things we know because we are women.

Women know of loss.
Women know of love.
Women know of fear.
Women know of courage.

As women, we remember
these things when
those around us begin to forget.

We are strong.
We are amazing.
We are loved.
We belong.

We are women; 
we must remember these things
so when others begin to forget,
we can remind them of what women know.

For the beautiful women in my life,
thank you, all of you.

The pictures here represent a larger
body of women I wish to honor today.
If you are reading this,
you have touched my life,
and for that, I am grateful.

Never forget your worth to the world.
You are priceless to your family and friends.
You have value beyond comprehension.
I love you.


  1. tears.....what a beautiful celebration of so many circles of women! How fortunate you are! Thank you for sharing and including me. I feel so honored and blessed.


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