Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Thanksgiving Diet

Six days after confessing my heavy-hearted experience on the scales with the NUMBER THAT SHALL NOT BE WRITTEN, I actually have some light-hearted news to share.

On November 23, 2016, I promised to report on how I was doing with my relationships with God and food. My weight had hit the highest point I'd seen in about 15 years. On that day, I felt so much shame, I couldn't even write the number numerically. Somehow two-oh-two point six seemed less harsh than seeing 202.6. See how far I've come? There it is; the dreadful number in black and white numbers. 

The first week of turning to God for my comfort, and no longer turning to food as my comforter happened to be the week of Thanksgiving. It could have been a challenging week to attempt to get binge-eating under control because holidays present unique problems of their own, but I'm happy to report that we hosted three family meals at our house during the week, and attended a gathering at another home, and I didn't have any issues with binge eating. Each morning, before I even rolled out of bed, I asked God to be with me, and to help me turn to him when I needed help or comfort. 

One pleasant moment stands out in my mind. Whenever I am trying to take my healthy eating to a higher level, I stock the fridge with Cutie tangerines. When I'm avoiding sugar-laden treats, these help me satisfy my sweet tooth. Cuties are so delicious to me, especially this time of year. I had woken up early, and selected a piece of my favorite fruit to start the day. 

As I sat in front of the Christmas tree peeling the fruit, I took the time to notice the sensations of my experience. As my fingers broke through the peel, the citrus oil sprayed out from the skin, and filled the air with the fresh scent of orange. I took the time to eat each section separately, enjoying the cold sweet juice on my tongue, and chewing each segment before taking another one. I gave thanks for the Cutie. Taking the time to enjoy food, and being grateful for it are such small things, and yet for someone who has consumed large quantities of food without enjoying the pleasurable sensations, it was a good memory from the holiday.

Before Thanksgiving, I wanted to make some special treats for our guests with Miss Violet, so we made chocolate-dipped pretzels. Nearly a week later, and I still haven't had one. I baked brownies, and ate two small ones, one as a test sample, which was good I did because they were seriously underbaked. The other was because I wanted to have one with a bit of cream cheese frosting. It was delicious.

For our Thanksgiving brunch I made biscuits and sausage gravy, and cinnamon rolls, two of my favorite breakfasts that I rarely serve. We had eight of us around the table, and I enjoyed the conversation and the camaraderie, but I didn't overindulge in the goodies on the table. I did have a bite of Chuck's cinnamon roll, and called it good. 

Thanksgiving dinner we spent with Chuck's folks, and I took a little bit of everything that was on the table. Yes, even the stuffing, gravy, and cranberry sauce. There was no pie, but I offered cinnamon rolls and Sugar Jumble cookies. I skipped dessert, and later that day, when I had room in my tummy, I enjoyed a serving of my favorite health food: Buff Pumpkin Stuff which is a healthy version of Crustless Pumpkin Pie. 

Chuck and I have had our own version of Opting Outside during the week by going for walks together each day of his Thanksgiving vacation. Chuck has been pretty motivated, too, since his doctor appointment the week before the holiday, and is trying to get his diabetic numbers into a healthier range. It sure helps to have him on my team working with me.

A gratuitous picture of my husband and our adorable grandson because it's one of my favorite shots.

We were able to spend Saturday evening with extended family, visiting with two of our sons and daughter-in-law, and CJ. There were temptations there for me: pizza and carrot cake piled high with cream cheese frosting, but I managed to sip on a Diet Pepsi, and chose a small square of pizza when I felt hungry. 

One week down; 3.6 pounds gone. Yes, there is a part of me that is nothing short of amazed that I was able to lose weight during one of the biggest eating holidays of the year. I would have been content with not gaining, but I am now below THE NUMBER WHICH SHALL NOT BE WRITTEN! 199 may not sound like anything of which to be proud to some of you, but to no longer be in the two hundreds feels like such a relief, and it gives me so much hope. 

Thank you for your words of encouragement and support last week. It had been a rough couple of weeks for me, and knowing I was not alone in my struggles with eating, and my lack of faith, gave me hope in my attempts to turn things around. I am so thankful for each of you who wrote to me to share your own experiences, and I am also grateful for the moral support of two of my biggest cheerleaders when I need help: Chuck and Sierra. 

I'm feeling so thankful I had good news to share with you after Thanksgiving!


  1. What great news! God can do wonders with us if we only let Him. It really was a happy Thanksgiving, wasn't it?

  2. Yes, Stella, it was. I hope you had a good one, too.


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