Sunday, June 19, 2016

Terms of Endearment

Nicknames usually have a way of popping up spontaneously, and sticking. Over time, our pet names evolve, and their stories become part of our family history.

My husband was born Charles Bruce Bennorth. He has been called Chuck by his parents, brothers, and friends all of his life. Once he became a dad, he gained several more monikers. Chris calls him Dad, Matt calls him Pops, and Zack calls him Dad, and Chuckles when he's feeling playful.

As my kids have gotten to know Chuck, they have welcomed him into our family. The relationships they have with my husband warm my heart, and make me proud of who they are. There is respect and love, and lots and lots of laughter. My boys call their stepdad Chuck, and Sisi calls him Chuckaroni and Cheese. Chuck loves nicknames, and he beams when she calls him that. 

To me, he is My Handsome, My Sweet Chuck, Hunny, and Babes. Chuck is a man of many names, and I am so fortunate to call him MINE. 

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