Thursday, June 16, 2016

Instead of Eating Mindlessly

Japanese garden at Fabyan Park

Living larger (not GETTING larger) is one of my goals right now. It occurred to me yesterday that one reason I am probably turning to food for comfort is I've been living a very small life during the week. On the weekends when I'm with Chuck, we go-go-go, and during the week, I tend to hang close to home, walking around our neighborhood, and spending WAY too much time on the couch. Living out loud is on my current agenda.

After browsing the Saint Charles Park District's activities and properties, I determined I would try the Happy Hiker group at least once this month, and that I would explore the many forest preserves and parks in the area. I decided to start with Fabyan Park today.

What a great decision that turned out to be. While Chuck drove to work, he and I talked on the phone while I walked along the river with my camera. I was rewarded with tolerable temperatures and a soft breeze, beautiful flowers, bunnies, and a variety of water fowl.

When I got back to the car, I happily reported my mileage to Chuck: 3.14 miles. "Wow, a pi walk," was his response. I would never have thought of that. Leave it to Chuck. 

It was too hot for me to finish mowing the yard yesterday, so I completed that little task when I got home. It's been a busy morning, which included editing pictures. That's so fun for me. This afternoon, I'm heading to the youth theater to take pictures of the young actors at the Marquee Theater. 

I've been looking for INSTEAD activities. Things to do instead of mindlessly eat. I'm shaking things up. More writing and reading, less snacking and internet browsing. More photography and walking, less Facebook and feeding my face.  So far, so good. 


What are your favorite INSTEAD activities? I'm going to compile a list for days when temptation seems tougher, and I feel weaker. I'd love to hear from you.

Here's the beginning of the list I started HERE.


  1. I don't know if you are into handwork crafts, but I find those to be the activities (indoors at least) that makes not want to snack purely because you have to keep your hands spotless. I do cross stitch embroidery in winter. I don't even drink coffee while stitching, too afraid of messing up the project. Also doing art I find myself eating less for mostly the same reason. Everything else? Writing, editing, reading.. snacking way too much.

    1. You make a good point about finding things to occupy my hands that need my hands free of food. Like you, most of my activities are done at the computer. I think I just need to get outside more!

  2. I could use a good "pi" walk instead of walking a few feet into the kitchen for a piece of pie. This post is speaking to me. Now if I could only persuade my wife to take a hike. Oh, that didn't come out right--I should say take a hike with me.

    Your photos are great. I'd love to take a stroll through that park.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. My husband and I like hiking together, and we enjoy photography, too, so thanks for the compliment on the pics.

  3. You got some great captures here. My fave has to be the fuzzy gosling. :-) I need a pi walk; I'm just happy if I actually get 10K steps in a day. LOL.

    1. For me, 10,000 steps is about 4 miles, so you would be going farther than I most days! I hope your summer settles in to some wonderful times with friends and family now that you have your KC workshop completed!


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