Sunday, March 2, 2014

Hey, Shrink!

My boys call me their Shrink, and occasionally, their Mom. My email address usually raises questions as it begins with "ShrinkMom." Simply "Shrink" was unavailable, obviously going to some therapist or psychiatrist. I am neither, so I combined the two names my children call me: Shrink and Mom.

When my oldest was in high school, it was not uncommon for his group of friends to have nicknames. They called Karson "Reh," and McCabe was "Willard." I'm not sure Dylan had an unusual name with his friends besides Dilly, but in our family he is called "Dyl," "Dyls," and "Dylsy-Banylsy." Dylan has always been drawn to unusual nicknames for those close to him. To this day, he still calls his sixteen-year old brother "Boo," and occasionally calls his wife Jamie, "Rosa" and "Tuna."

When Dylan wanted my attention, he would often make a high-pitched sound that was not exactly a word, but more of a sound that came out like, "SHREEEEEE-K." There was usually a dramatic body movement he used to say the word correctly, involving a bow with his upturned smiley face, and both arms thrust out to the side and forward, with hands upturned, and fingers flashing some sort of semi-gang symbol. 

Over time, the sound evolved into a word: SHRINK. When Dylan was in high school, he became interested in weight-lifting, fitness, and nutrition about the same time I did. As I watched this man-child grow taller, and leaner, and more muscular, I was transforming myself, as well. As he took on the shape of a competitive wrestler and football player, I went from a soft couch potato to a leaner, weight-lifting, running athlete, of sorts. I lost 80 pounds when he was in high school, and smiled as I thought I was living up to the other meaning of my name.

After Bridger hit high school, he started calling me "Shrink," too. Sierra tends to call me Mama Llama, but on occasion, she uses "Shrink," too. 

And thus, the story of my nickname. A couple of you had requested the history, and here, you have it.



  1. I'm just stopping by to see if Blogger is playing nice today. Yesterday I couldn't even sign-in on my own blog. Although if I could find a way to get more cookies, I'd gladly do it. Oh wait, not those kind.

    I enjoyed this post. Your son sounds like a chip off the ole block. How lucky for you to have an endearing nickname like Shrink.

    Thanks for sharing this, Denise.

    1. YAY! Melinda, thank you for persisting. You are so good to me. Yeah, I don't mind those OTHER cookies, either! Have a great day!


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