Wednesday, January 8, 2014

*My Daily Orange...Seeking Happier Moments

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Maybe it's genetic; maybe it's environmental, but one thing's for sure:  I do love the color orange.  In the late fifties, my mom dolled up her first dingy apartment's kitchen with a fresh coat of orange paint; she said it just made her happier.  HER mother went out and bought a BRIGHT ORANGE DRESS after Grandpa passed away; I'm sure to make herself happier.  My dad's wardrobe had a lot of orange in it; he was a big UVA fan, so it figures.  My son Dylan owns many orange items: water bottle, Denver Broncos' gear, hiking shoes, boxers...why wouldn't he?  We seem genetically predisposed to loving the color that boosts our moods.

When I happened upon the HAPPIER APP, my fate was sealed. Each day, we are encouraged to seek out at least three things that make us happier, and record them. One category on the Happier website is Daily Orange. Orange is the official color of Happier. There is scientific evidence behind increasing our feelings of happiness, if we simply record our happy moments. I personally utilize the Happier website to record my happy moments. Some people record them on their Smart phones, and others jot them down in a daily journal.

Recently, my happiness has been challenged. I found that forcing myself to look for the silver linings in each seemingly grey clouded day, I may not have been bursting with enthusiasm, but I lifted my spirits, if only just a bit.  

On a particularly down day, I was asked by my daughter, "What do you love most about this particular moment?" I paused in my downward spiral, and took a deep breath. My first thought was that I was so grateful that she cared enough about me to even ask me that question. And then I went on to discover how grateful I was for my silky, soft, zippy shirt, and my electric blanket. Even in our darkest moments, there is always something for which to be grateful.  

Over the last few months, even before I stumbled upon Nataly Kogan's Happier Website, whenever I purchased new items, I found myself drawn to the bright, cheerfully-colored orange things. One of our collections on Happier is entitled, Daily Orange. It is not difficult to find things to add to this category that make me happy; they're everywhere I look.  

Here are some of my favorite Daily Orange items; just looking at them makes me feel a little better on a bad day, and a LOT better on a good day.

 My Happier Word Cloud

Marley's orange ball

 The crocheted hat from Melissa Simpson

Even the moon cooperates sometimes.

Silly Marley on our favorite blanket.

Favorite water bottle from my big boy.

 Even as a little girl, I loved my orange Easter dress.

Matching crocheted hats for my friend and me.

My shirts and pumpkins...recreating fun memories.

My daughter.

Hiking in my orange jacket.

Orange and Boston Terriers.

Shopping for my son.

 Thrift shop fun.

 Happy pillows.

 Happy hiking shoes.

My first major purchase, without anyone's input or consent.


Orange on my toes and orange on my sandals.


 My laptop makes me happier every single day, connecting me to my friends and family.

Sparkling, orange bling.

 Orange-flavored candy.

 Coloring...thank you, Autumn, for the tip.

 A friend from Happier, Carol, brightened my birthday with these little goodies.

 Starting my day in the shower with a bit of orange.

 Baking makes me happier.

 My Happier wrist band.

 Marley and my MacBook.

Everyday Grateful Course from Happier

Yoga class with a fellow Happier friend in Colorado.

Dreaming of a new car...

Farmers' Markets...

Hiking in orange rocks...

This favorite happy.

 Flowers in Denver Botanic Gardens.

Fun socks, and my "son-in-love's" bike.

 Orange in the morning...favorite time of day.

Even Christmas has orange beauty.

My favorite pic of my big boy.

What makes YOU happier?  Come join us at, and watch your own level of happiness increase.

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