Friday, November 29, 2013

*Baked with Love

Sigh. It's a quiet post-Thanksgiving Friday for us today. We're at home, digesting the wonderful food, and sweet memories from yesterday. We had 15 people at our house, and it was delightful.

My sister brought me this beautiful Poinsettia for my birthday gift, and took the time to make our family's traditional Christmas cookies, Pfeffernusse. I consider those cookies a labor of love.

Yesterday, we were praising Mom's rolls. Someone said, "They're so good because she bakes them with love."

I felt a little nervous, and could only say, "Well, good luck with that turkey today.  I made it with a lot of anxiety."  We chuckled, and as it turns out, the anxiety must have had a lot of love underneath it, because it turned out just fine.

No shopping for me today.  This girl can't take the crowds and the craziness.  The rest of my shopping will be done at my leisure, on line for most of it.  

I'm baking my son's favorite holiday dessert, Paula Deen's Gooey Butter Pumpkin Cake.  I'll take it to Mom's later today to share with the family.  For now, Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving special is on TV, and I'm going to watch it. I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS; all of them.

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