Tuesday, November 19, 2013

"My Heart Knows the Answer"

"My heart knows the answer."  As I heard Deepak Chopra's soft voice remind me of the centering thought during my meditation, I began to realize that for me, there is no physical thing I need or desire.  My physical needs are met.  There is a state of mind which I am seeking, on a daily basis now, that is mine for the asking.  

All I really want is peace.  I want to let go of tension and chaos, and welcome peace into my life. Calm feelings residing within me are what I desire.  

What can I do today, that will allow this to happen?  I need to be aware of my surroundings, but more importantly, my reactions to my environment.  

True peace does not rely on anyone else but me.  Restoring order, and organizing my belongings will remove some of the dissatisfaction I experience.  Keeping to a schedule will help me relax in the reassurance that things will get done. I will have a sense of accomplishment.

The sweet feelings I have when I am meditating actually follow me throughout the day.  The centering thought returns to me so that my day becomes a living meditation.  

I read a quote this morning that resonated with me.  Zig Ziglar is always good for some motivation, and he had this to say, 

"The choice to have a great attitude is something nobody or no circumstance can take from you."  

I think I stumbled upon this because I needed to see it today.  I believe it applies to my desire for peace, as well.  No one else, and no other circumstance can deny me a feeling of peace.  

"My heart knows the answer."  I take great comfort in knowing that my heart will not lead me astray.  My body knows the desires of my heart, and will not allow me to deny that which I truly desire.  My contemplative moments will return to this thought throughout the day to see if there is more than peace that my heart desires.  For now, peace is plenty, and if I have that, I will have enough.

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