Thursday, September 7, 2017


The very first time Chuck took me to the Bristol Renaissance Faire, I was so excited. While we were waiting for the gates of Bristol to "open wide," there was a cheer offered by one of the noble ladies of court.

"Hip! Hip!" she began expectantly.

My lone voice said, "Hooray!" and the crowd drowned me out with, "HUZZAH!"

Huzzah, huh? Well, I learned something new. Huzzah is an exclamation used to express approval or delight. It's just not a word I ever hear outside the gates of Bristol.

Did you know HUZZAH can be a verb? Huzzahing is to cry huzzah.

I huzzah.
You huzzah.
She huzzahs.

We huzzah.You huzzah.They huzzah.

There's a whole lot of huzzahing going on at the faire.

"Tip! Tip! Huz-ZAH for the tip-per!" the vendors yell, and they ring a bell any time a patron leaves them a tip.

"Hip! Hip! Huzzah!" for the Queen.

"Hip! Hip! Huzzah!" during the parade.

Sometimes huzzahs are exuberant and hearty.

And sometimes huzzahs are less than enthusiastic and a little half-hearted. 

Huzzahs can be upside down and right side up. 

Huzzah is just a very fun way to say HURRAH or HOORAY! I'm going to see if I can start to work it into my every day conversations. Want to join me? 


  1. Huzzah! on the charming essay. I already do say the word in my daily life; my library patrons don't seem to notice ;)
    ~A fellow Bristol fan

  2. HUZZAH, to you, Denise! Thank you for reveling in, sharing, and reminding us of the magic! You are a perfect example of why the performers do the stupidest hobby ever!

  3. Huzzah, Denise! What a wonderful explanation of such a fun exclamation. Well met!


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