Monday, January 16, 2017

Utah Does Chicago

Our Utah kids joined us for a day in Chicago. Here we are in front of the Bean, AKA Cloudgate.

This country mouse mama has four little mouselets who traveled from Utah to Chicago for the weekend. Our married kids had never seen the Windy City. What a treat it was to have my city mouse husband take us on a tour of Chi-town yesterday. 

We ran into friends at the Geneva Depot who were headed to Chicago to walk the pedway, exploring the underbelly of Chicago through tunnels, passageways, and lower level streets. (One day I want to do that, too!)

NOW all of my kids can say they've been on a real train. (Sorry, Heber Creeper; we don't think you count.)

As soon as we arrived at Ogilvie Station, we headed underground for the French Market. We love the European flavor of the place. If you've never been down there, it's similar to finding Platform 9 3/4 with Harry Potter. The entrance is tucked away between the tracks, and takes you down an unremarkable flight of stairs to an amazing market place full of food vendors and artisans offering nearly anything your heart (or tummy)  might desire. 

There are patisseries and sushi bars, marzipan and macarons, crèpes and fresh produce. I've never seen such large, beautiful apples. The seafood vendor even sells octopus. 

When we were leaving the French Market to head out onto the streets, Bridger said he was so disappointed he hadn't seen a mime. Yes, stereotyping is alive and well in my family.     

My morning started off with my camera, and then I passed it on to Dylan. His own camera was in Utah, so he used mine once we left the French Market. I didn't mind; I like the challenge of using my cell phone camera, and Dylan put my camera to good use, capturing some amazing images of the city. A big thank you to Chuck for sharing his artistic captures of our day in the city for this post.

Depending on whose cell phone we checked, we walked between 6 and 8 miles Saturday. Walks near the lakefront can be bitter when considering the wind chill factor. It was cold, but thankfully the temps hovered around freezing, and allowed us to enjoy being outdoors. 

We walked from Ogilvie train station around Chicago, taking in the sights. We saw the Bean, Navy Pier, the Yacht Club, and Madison Avenue. People-watching is an enjoyable pastime we enjoy. 

A skillful skater at the outdoor ice rink.

Dylan and Chuck enjoyed an impromptu photo shoot with Jamie showcasing some of her graceful dance moves.

I love this picture Chuck took of our beautiful dancer.

All of our kids have been to Chicago now. And our Utahns are already thinking of all the things they'd like to do when they return. That makes me happy!

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