Thursday, January 14, 2016

Taming the Sweet Tooth

I know I'm not alone in confessing I have a sweet tooth. Does it seem odd to you that just yesterday I outlined my BATTLE PLAN on Randomocity for healthier eating for this year, and today I'm talking about my weakness for all things sweet? This is the very reason I HAVE to have a plan in place. The struggle is real, people.

I would like it duly noted that on this particular day at Chicago's French Market, I resisted temptation, and did
not even sample these beautiful macarons. They are on my bucket list, though. Of course, they are...

Yesterday, sitting around the kitchen table at a friend's home, several of us were talking about food. Most of us admitted that it's the sugary foods that tempt us most, and one friend said it's the salty stuff that appeals to her. The ladies were talking about New Year's resolutions. One said the longest she can last is about two days. There was good-natured laughter and camaraderie as we commiserated with each other about the temptation food holds for us. 

As LeeAnn was telling us about one of her friends who loves chocolate, she had a rapt audience. It seems this friend was on a very long flight to Korea. Before she had left, she had bought a one pound box of See's chocolates. Apparently, she ate one piece, which led to another, until, well, the inevitable happened, as far as I was concerned.

"Can you believe she ate the whole box before the plane landed?" LeeAnn asked. There were looks of disbelief, and wide-eyed stares as everyone considered this amazing feat. 

"Oh, I'd be so sick," one of our friends admitted. Not me; I totally understood how something like that could happen. I wasn't that impressed.

"Fourteen hours on an airplane, just sitting there?" I finally blurted. "I could eat a pound of chocolates easily!" I didn't volunteer how QUICKLY I thought I could devour the candy, but I'll confess to you, I don't think it would have taken me the duration of the flight for the box to contain nothing but wrappers!

My history with eating sweets has been chronicled here. I started young, with midnight snacks with my Dad, and being my mom's first suspect when there were MISSING COOKIES

MY WEAKNESS FOR ICE CREAM details how I managed to eat a half a gallon of ice cream during one 12 hour day. Tell me you've never done that. Never? Hm. Guess that's just me. 

Yeah, anyone reading my blog has probably figured out that I have a sweet tooth the size of Ohio. This year, rather than beating my tendency for sweets into submission, I'm going to admit my weakness, and limit my exposure to my trigger foods. When I do partake of my favorite temptations, I'm going to be INTENTIONAL about it, and savor the experience. I'm not trying to eradicate every grain of sugar from my diet, I'm simply attempting to TAME my sweet tooth. Maybe one day I'll be known as the Sweet Tooth Whisperer.

A girl can dream...

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