Thursday, October 29, 2015

Another Autumn

37 feels like 27.
So says 
The Weather Channel.
My numb cheeks 
would agree.
A grey wind is 
rattling tree limbs,
removing the remnants
of the season, 
the once vibrant 
leaves of fall.

As I shuffle through 
the scattered piles of 
of leaves below
the old oak trees,
the withered, brown
leaves crunch beneath
my feet.

The river 
in the distance is
flowing freely now.
Its icy edges 
will be forming 
all too soon,
slowing the water
when winter blows
its icy breath
once more.

Bracing against 
the gusty winds,
I trudge toward home, 
warmth, and comfort,
 to mourn the 
passing of another 
autumn season.

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