Friday, May 22, 2015

I Knew It Wouldn't Be Easy (Whole 30)

After tapering my caffeine, sugar, and flour consumption for two weeks, I felt like I was ready to tackle a full 30 days of whole food eating. My plan was to only consume fruits, vegetables, protein, and fats. For 30 days, my experiment would eliminate flour, grains, processed foods, sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Why would I agree to this self-inflicted torture? There are just so many desired outcomes hanging in the balance: restful sleep, increased energy, less arthritic pain, and the big allure for me : being in control of my out-of-control eating.

After a big breakfast of sautéed spinach, peppers, and eggs, but no coffee, Monday morning, I took a deep breath, and declared it my official DAY ONE of the Whole 30 eating plan.

I knew it wouldn't be easy. What I didn't know is that within a couple of hours of my official start, there would be a special delivery from Edible Arrangements. A silver platter loaded with strawberries dipped in chocolate came as a thank you for some photography work we had done for a non-profit dance company. 

This wasn't just a stale cookie or the frosted remains of a carton of ice cream calling my name. This was an exquisite presentation of my favorite fruit covered in one of my favorite temptations.

I texted Chuck immediately.

"What shall we do with them?" he responded.

"I want to gobble the whole tray."

"That is fine with me."

Yes, I knew that would be the case; Chuck just wants me to be happy. I also know that I am a person of my word. When I commit, out loud, to another human being, and even to myself, I want to follow through. If I don't, I'm not happy. So...we called a friend who was glad to take them off our hands. Problem solved.

Chuck was proud, if not a little surprised, at my resolve. I was pretty impressed myself. I knew if I could walk away from such a beautiful tray of temptation, I could walk away from anything.

Day One of anything is like that, isn't it? We're so full of ourselves, our determination, our goals, our best intentions. Harder days are coming...

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