Monday, February 9, 2015

Delicious Deception (Denise and Chuck's Eggs-ellent Adventure: Part 2)

What am I going to do with my finicky eater? I joked earlier in my blog about MY BRAVE LITTLE TOASTER, referring to my husband and his distaste for all fruits and eggs, and most vegetables. By his own admission, Chuck is a "55 year-old with the eating habits of a four-year-old." I'm discovering his admission does not imply a desire to change the way he has eaten all of his adult life. 

Jessica Seinfeld (wife of Jerry Seinfeld) wrote a recipe book that I used "back in the day" called Deceptively Delicious. For you young moms out there, this book has so many creative ways to incorporate fruits and veggies in your child's diet. After I'd gotten the basic concept down, I passed my book along to a friend whose children were making meal prep difficult. 

Whenever Chuck hears the blender in the background of our phone calls during his commute after work, he suspects me of blending vegetables to be hidden in his dinner. I've considered joining forces with other moms of picky eaters to get more tips on adding veggies AND eggs to my recipes.

"You USED to eat eggs all the time," Chuck's mom chided when we were discussing his limited enjoyable foods list recently.

"I USED to, but I didn't like them," Chuck responded. He told me he was so relieved during the seventies the media reported that the cholesterol in eggs was bad for us. His mom stopped serving eggs for breakfast, and he rejoiced.

We've all seen the pendulum swing in the arena of dietary guidelines. Right now, eggs are getting a lot of good press, so I'm thinking SOME eggs on the menu wouldn't be a bad idea, but if our only source of eggs can be cake, we're both going to be in trouble! My diabetic husband, and I with my ever-present desire to weigh 20 pounds less, need to find a healthier way to eat eggs than chocolate cake and chocolate chip cookies!

I wonder if there is a way to hide eggs in something besides a CAKE. Hmm...I'll be spending some time on Pinterest in search of some good recipes. If I start with things I know he loves, like macaroni and cheese, and meat loaf, I may make a convert of him yet!

Am I still playing the part of Sam-I-Am? Yes, although less vocally, and with a little less enthusiasm these days.

"Would you like them here or there?
Would you like them anywhere?
Would you eat them in the house?"
Would you eat them with your MOUSE?
"Try them! Try them! 
And you may!

If you will let me be.
I will try them.
You will see."

Remember what happens next? The character LOVES green eggs and ham. He just had to try them. For this instance, I am hoping life will imitate art, but I'm not holding my breath. In the big scheme of things, we have more important things to think about than who eats what at our dining table. I love my picky eater, and will continue to do so, even if he only eats eggs in cookies and cake.

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