Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Making an Impression (Stampressions, soon to be known as OAKLEE MAE)

There are some students who entered my classroom as students, and took with them a part of my heart. There are some students who were in my class in first grade AND fifth grade. Ashley Bergum was one of those students. She became like a daughter to me. She and Sierra have been such good friends for each other, and it was like Ashley became the sister Sierra never had. She made a good impression on me in elementary school and it was with great pride I watched her grow up to be the brilliant, ambitious, compassionate woman she is.

Today when I went to the mail, I was shocked to discover there was a package for me. When I opened the parcel locker at our post office, I found, to my delight, a package from Ashley inside. It had some heft to it, and my curiosity would not wait until I returned home. Using my mail key, I tore open the package to find within the sweetest contents. 

I was so afraid if I started to cry, the floodgates of sadness would open again. Thankfully, there were simply a few tears of joy. I was so touched to receive such thoughtfulness from my girl. She knows I have struggled lately, and was simply trying to make sure I was having a good day. My day went from mediocre to fantastic in just a few moments!

There was a note, a jar of the most tempting cookie butter spread from Trader Joe's, and a beautiful pendant, made by Ashley. "Find Joy in Your Journey" the inscription says on the silver disc. Inside the enclosed case are beautiful charms that represent my life...the birthstones of my children, a rhinestone-studded heart (hearts are my symbol; did she really know that?), a heart with the word MOM, or, depending on its orientation, WOW ;-) , and a camera. 

Ashley may not know that I see a double significance in the selection of the "Mom" charm. Her nickname in high school among her girlfriends was "Mom." So that little charm is doing double duty, as far as I'm concerned. It represents both of us.

Ashley has a business, Stampressions, and she works tirelessly alongside her husband to make it succeed. They are raising their beautiful little girls together. I don't think anyone can stop these two once they set their minds to do it. I am so proud of Ashley and JJ. 

Ashley is one of those students I watched closely after she left my fifth grade classroom. She took a heavy class load in high school, and managed to take college classes, and work a couple of jobs, all the while maintaining her grades. She was a go-getter from the start, and quickly completed her nurse's training not long after being graduated from high school. Once she and JJ were married, she worked long, arduous hours, and eventually took a job with a local midwife.

After their baby Saige was joined by her little sister Swayzee, working away from home became an even greater challenge. Ashley had other dreams she wanted to pursue. She managed to juggle the demands of a full-time job, being a wife and mother, and starting her own jewelry-making business. 

Stampressions has its own shop online, which you can browse by clicking the link. I have ordered special gifts for friends and family from Ashley. Last year for Christmas, I gave my sister a miniature glass globe which contained a dandelion seed, and there was an embossed ring included that said, "Make a Wish." If you are looking for a unique gift for a loved ones, you should check out her shop. Stampressions, like Ashley, is impressive. Like I said, Ashley made a good impression when she was younger, and she still does to this day.

Ashley, I just wanted to say thank you publicly. I wish for your home business, Stampressions, the very best. You deserve it. You have good karma coming your way because of your thoughtfulness, and your wonderful attitude. I love you like my own. You are mine, you know. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

UPDATE: Ashley's business has grown so much these last few years, and she has changed the name from Stampressions to Oaklee Mae. You can sign up for her mailing list HERE  to find out the new website launch info and to receive a discount on your first order. (April 10, 2017 is the launch date.)


  1. The locket is beautiful! I was at Ashley's website and I love all of her work! I plan on ordering something too!

    1. I love my necklace. Beth, it makes me happy to see that someone else appreciates her beautiful art. Have fun choosing the perfect gift for yourself!

  2. What a lovely gift of the heart for you to receive today! And a lovely story. Brought a tear to my eye, and that's not easy to do!

    1. Dawn, I was touched, as well. Thank you for taking the time to read Randomocity, and to leave a comment. It is very much appreciated.


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