Saturday, August 27, 2016

Sierra Does All the Things, Chicago-style

It's 4:00 in the morning on Saturday. Rainwater is rushing through the downspouts, and I've opened the front door to listen to the storm. The Weather Channel tells me there is a light rain falling. I guess it depends on who's telling the story. There is standing water in our cul de sac, and it's raining cats and dogs out there. 

How I love the rain, except today, the weather is making me nervous because today is a faire day. Many of you know, Chuck and I go to the Renaissance Faire in Bristol every chance we get during the summer, and today is our day to take Sierra to the faire for her first time. 
We might need sturdier parasols for today.
Worrying about the weather will do me no good, but from what I hear, rainy days have the potential to be some of the best days at the faire anyway. I have never experienced one, but Chuck has. He says the crowds are thinner, the weather is cooler, and there are pictures to be taken that we wouldn't see on an ordinary summer day. I will just enjoy this moment for what it is, a lovely summer storm, and determine to make the best of this day with our girl in Bristol.

Did I mention our daughter is here? What a delight this week has been. After getting our youngest settled at college in Utah, we flew Sierra back to Chicago with me from Salt Lake City. We've been busy doing all the things one should do when visiting Chicago.

If her Snapchat is any indication, Portillo's hotdogs are the bomb.

We've eaten all the things, and of all the things we've eaten, Giordano's deep dish pizza, Graham's Skรคlies ice cream (Think chocolate, caramel and coconut. SWOON.), and El Zarape's Mexican food, Sierra's favorite food is  still Portillo's hotdogs. Go figure. 

Portillo's red hots, a.k.a. hot dogs, Chicago-style.

I think Portillo's cake came in second place in the food category.
When Sierra tried Speculoos cookie butter, she said, "Darn you, Mom. Darn you. Darn you. Darn you." Gingerbread-flavored cookie butter is more amazing than you might think.

Yes, it's that good.

We've laughed at all the things. Chuck and I took Sisi to American Science & Surplus. That store has everything you never knew you needed, and almost anything you might secretly hope to find; useful things like pump and spray bottles (we bought both), and educational things like life-size skeletons and internal organ models, and the most ridiculous things like Carl Sagan finger puppets and squirrel underpants.

We've seen all the things. Of course, we took Sisi to Chicago proper. We  rode the train into the city, and did a walkabout. We saw the Crown Fountain, Navy Pier, the Chicago River, and of course, the Bean. 

The three of us went to Cantigny Gardens, and Sierra and I went to work with Chuck on Friday to see the Chicago Botanic Gardens and Lake Michigan. 

The Bean, a.k.a. Cloud Gate in Chicago.

The yellow sofa of Cantigny Gardens.

Chicago Botanic Gardens

We've touched all the things. (If you ever watched us walking through a store, you'd understand. Our hands have to touch EVERYTHING, in search of the softest things.) We've smelled all the things. It's that time of year when pumpkin spice EVERYTHING is on the shelves, and we are in heaven. 

T.J. Maxx is a shopper's dream-come-true for all of the things of fall.

We've DONE all the things. Sisi even had a photoshoot while she was here. She was a model for a photo session we did for a friend in Wisconsin. Of all the things we've done, I've loved our quiet moments most, just sipping coffee, working on faire favors, and sitting by the lake.

Lake Michigan

This week has been a whirlwind, and today will be the highlight of many fun-filled days in a row. Last month, Bridger enjoyed the ROYAL TREATMENT at the faire; today it's Sierra's turn.

You never know what you'll find at thrift stores, but I was loving the stained glass windows
at the Hi-Hat Consignment shop in Geneva.

Today we will not think about tomorrow. We will not let our thoughts go there because today is our last chance to wring all of the goodness out of what's left of our week together. Today we will live in each moment as it comes, and savor every second we have. Today we are together, and today is all that matters.
Mama Llama loves her Llama Llama.


  1. It looks like a fantastic day. Is that what they call a Chicago hotdog? I've never had one--correction, I tried one at the airport and it was horrendous, but it didn't look like that. I love the yellow sofa, and it seems your daughter is as fun-loving as you are. It is a delight to share in the joy of your life, especially after meeting you.

    1. Yes, Chicago-style hotdogs have mustard, relish, onions, tomatoes, and peppers, but NO ketchup. We like them that way! We do have so much fun together. Looks like you are continuing your busy traveling schedule and writer meet-ups. So cool, Crystal.

  2. Glad you had such a wonderful day together. Loved the pictures and can't wait to try cookie butter now!

    1. Via, Trader Joe's has Speculoos Cookie Butter. Our jar lasted four days. ๐Ÿ™„

  3. Oh what a joy! There's nothing quite like sharing your favourite places with someone you love, is there? I'm so glad you were able to enjoy your time with Sierra, but ya'll need to try to have just a little more fun, you know? Like try to laugh more? ;^)

    1. Thanks for visiting here,Carryl. Yes, we should try to have a little more fun. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Wow, who knew there were so many fascinating things in this world? Cookie Butter!?! I've been living in a cave... ha ha!
    This was great I really enjoyed this. Inspires me to go an some adventures with my mother.
    "and today is all that matters." Thank you for reinforcing such an important concept for me with such poignant words Denise.
    p.s. I hope your day at the Faire was fabulous!

    1. Mother-daughter adventures are such fun. I hope you do! Our day at faire was everything I hoped it would be, and more. Thank you!


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